The 2023 Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits sponsored by Japan Society of Applied Physics, IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS), and IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) was held at RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan from June 11-16, 2023. During the conference, the Diversity Panel Luncheon (co-sponsored by SSCS WIC & WiEDS) with the theme of “How Does Diversity Impact Productivity in Your Organization?” was held on June 13, 2023. It was moderated by SSCS WIC committee members, Kazuko Nishimura and Farhana Sheikh. A total of 40 attendees were there to hear the insights from outstanding panelists from the academic and semiconductor industry: Pei-Wen Li (National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University), Kentaro Yoshioka (Keio University), Alvin Loke (NXP Semiconductors), and Zeynep Toprak Deniz (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center).

They all unanimously agreed that an organization with high monotonicity is easier for management and making quick, near-term progress, whereas diversity requires more inclusive management and mutual understanding between members and will definitely create long-term impactful profit. Diversity is not limited to gender but also includes nationality, expertise, and mindset. You will get better nutrition when you embrace diversity. “Top-down” strategy is key to fostering an inclusive and diverse culture/environment in organization and in daily life. They shared the strategy deployment of their organizations and how the ambiance of their working environment influences their productivity. The session was remarkable because of active participation by the senior semiconductor professionals and international students who were able to interact freely and share their insights/experiences for well over an hour on topics such as bridging the divide, understanding local cultures, fostering the inclusive mindset and most importantly, how to embrace diversity.

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