Become an IEEE WIE Partner/Sponsor

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is one of the largest international professional organizations dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests in a career in engineering and science.

As a Sponsor of IEEE WIE, you are expanding your reach and supporting a truly remarkable community of engineers and scientists in technical disciplines globally.

  • You will reach over 30,000+ members in more than 125 countries as a recognized leader in supporting women and the education of young girls in engineering and science.
  • You will be encouraging the growth of more than 22,000 Student and Graduate Student members in the pool of women engineers that will ultimately benefit progressive companies like yours.
  • Your sponsorship helps to promote the work of over 1,100+ WIE Affinity Groups and WIE Student Branch Affinity Groups, and identifies you as a sponsor of IEEE Women in Engineering.