IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) International Leadership Summits (ILS) will continue as a part of IEEE WIE’s portfolio of global initiatives that focus on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Emerging/Disruptive Technology. WIE Summits provide regional opportunities for networking, mentorship, training, and collaboration. Up to ten (10) Summits are planned to be conducted globally in 2024.

Please note: The applications for the 2024 International Leadership Summits are no longer accepted. 

Proposals for 2024 WIE Summits should be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on 20 October 2023. All IEEE WIE-provided templates must be used when submitting a proposal, planning, and conducting a WIE ILS. Proof of endorsement from an IEEE Region and/or Section must be provided as part of your proposal. All events must be held no later than 15 December 2024.

Here’s a helpful tutorial with detailed instructions to complete the application process for the IEEE WIE International Leadership Summits.

The IEEE WIE Summits Subcommittee will evaluate and recommend approval of up to ten (10) Summit proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with IEEE WIE’s mission, vision, and objectives.
  • Alignment with the themes and tracks listed in section B above.
  • Availability of a Volunteer Organizing Committee, to include local section volunteers in the roles of Program Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer, at minimum.
  • Availability of a proposed venue.
  • Submission of a preliminary budget.
  • Quality of proposed session topics, sponsors, and speakers. In addition, the selection committee will take into account factors such as the geographic diversity of WIE Summit proposed locations and past WIE Summit locations. Note: Past WIE Summit organizers are encouraged to present growth potential for their event. New organizers are equally encouraged to present ways in which their Summit will addresses the needs of WIE membership in their area.
  1. WIE Summits must follow one or more of the themes that are relevant to the tracks listed below. Adherence to these themes must be reflected in your proposal.
  2. Recommended tracks may include, but are not limited to, the following: Innovation, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Skills, and Emerging/Disruptive Technology.
  3. Speakers from outside IEEE including industry, academia and government are encouraged.
  4. Single presentations, panels, workshops and hands-on demonstrations are encouraged.
  5. Conference proceedings and publications of presented papers are not permitted in WIE Summits.
  1. Organizing committee chairs must be IEEE WIE members and (at least one) must reside in the proposed Summit location.
  2. Organizing committee members can be from multiple geographic locations but must include members from the proposed Summit location.
  1. WIE Summits must follow all rules defined by IEEE Conference Standards Policy 10.0.
  2. The Organizing Entity will be responsible for all financial surplus and losses of the event. It is expected that any surplus from the program will be reinvested in local activities that support IEEE WIE members.
  3. IEEE WIE Program headquarters will provide approved proposals with seed funding in the amount of $1,500 USD to be applied to the costs associated with the IEEE WIE ILS only. These contributions do not need to be repaid. Funding is contingent upon proper adherence to IEEE WIE Summit guidelines, templates, and IEEE and IEEE WIE branding guidelines. IEEE WIE reserves the right to rescind approval and/or funding should any requirements or deliverables are not met.
  4. The organizer should submit a revised event budget within two (2) months prior to the Summit start date.
  5. The organizer must submit a final event report, including a financial summary, on the report template provided, within two (2) months after the Summit.
  6. WIE Summit registration rates should reflect discounts for IEEE and WIE members.
  1. IEEE and IEEE WIE branding guidelines, including use of logos, event title formats, colors, etc., must be adhered to at all times.
  2. The WIE ILS website template will be provided to the organizer and must be utilized for promoting the event.
  3. Copy WIE staff on event communications and marketing at Please provide links for Summit social media accounts.
  4. Marketing before, during, and after the Summit should include efforts to attract new members to IEEE and WIE.

IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit Branding Guidelines and Virtual Tools

Download the presentation slide deck here.

Below are some key dates to keep in mind when planning a WIE Summit. A detailed WIE Summit timeline template will be provided to all approved WIE Summit organizers.

  1. Upon approval of the WIE Summit, a Summit Organizer Toolkit & Templates will be sent via email and approved WIE Summits should begin local marketing efforts.
  2. One (1) month after approval, an initial planning call with WIE staff must be scheduled.
    • Summit planning committee list must be submitted to WIE staff.
    • Preliminary Summit program must be submitted to WIE staff.
  3. Three (3) months prior to the Summit start date:
    • Summit pre-event call with IEEE WIE staff must be scheduled.
    • Launch Summit registration.
  4. Four to six (4-6) months prior to the Summit start date:
    • Send Call for Speakers announcement
    • Event website up and running
    • Summit registration launched
  5. Six (6) months prior to Summit start date, submit final Summit program to WIE staff.
  6. No later than fourteen (14) days after the Summit end date, send the post-event survey to attendees, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors.
  7. Within sixty (60) days after the Summit end date, send the post-event report sent to WIE staff.
  1. The IEEE WIE ILS Attendee Survey and a Sponsor Survey must be conducted within two (2) weeks after the Summit concludes. (Template to be provided.)
  2. Summit sponsors, registration and attendee lists must be sent to within two (2) weeks after the conclusion of the Summit.
  3. The completed Summit survey results must be sent to no later than two (2) months after the Summit.
  4. The final report (financials, program summary, event photos, sponsors, media partners, etc.) must be submitted within two (2) months after the conclusion of the Summit. (Template will be provided.)

 Contact Information

Should you have questions regarding the WIE ILS guidelines and process, please send an email to