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Welcome to the IEEE Women in Engineering Resource Hub!

As a member of the IEEE Women in Engineering community, you stand to gain from the extensive and valuable resources available on this page. These resources include informative and transformative webinars, career resources, and educational workshops (coming soon), among other numerous advantages. We urge you to frequently visit this page to fully utilize the privileges that accompany your IEEE WIE membership.


The webinars we offer are meticulously designed to facilitate your navigation through your career. These webinars provide a comprehensive understanding of career progression, salary negotiation strategies, ethical workplace procedures, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. They afford you keen insights into potential technological advancements, the historical context of women in technological fields, and the evolving role and progression of women in these domains. We cordially invite you to partake in these enlightening and professionally oriented webinars, which are intended to empower your career journey at all stages.

Working in Academia As an International Woman
Promoting diversity and inclusion for engineering and technology in emerging areas
Strategies to Nurture Talents
Nikki Green - Negotiating For Value - How to Get Paid What You Are Worth