IEEE WIE Membership Resources

As an IEEE WIE member, you’ll be presented with new resources, valuable opportunities, and many discounts that will help you advance your career. You can find colleagues who share your vision and commitment—those who are supporting the advancement of women in STEM.

IEEE Collabratec Offers IEEE Members:

  • Exclusive access to the global IEEE member directory, with robust filtering options, enabling networking with verified IEEE members
  • ‘myIEEE’ access to their Section, a convenient gateway into the local member network, events, and other activities
  • Exclusive access to Members-only communities such as the IEEE Membership forum
  • Exclusive Workspace privileges, e.g. the ability for each Member to own 30 Workspaces with up to 300 participants per workspace
  • Exclusive recognition through IEEE membership badges, and personalized certificates of IEEE and Society memberships
  • Profiles showcasing IEEE memberships to IEEE Societies and other member affiliations, updated automatically
  • Profiles showcasing Volunteer positions, present and past, updated automatically
  • Join the IEEE WIE Global Network in IEEE Collabratec™

Become an IEEE Senior Member

Senior Member is the highest grade of membership that IEEE members can apply for and recognizes outstanding career achievements. It is a mark of distinction and is highly regarded not only within IEEE but by technological industries and companies around the world. WIE  encourages all to learn more about the eligibility requirements and benefits of being a Senior Member.

WIE Members elevated to Senior Members (2023)