Reporting Activities

  • Report all pre-university activities as STAR.
  • Update IEEE WIE and IEEE WIE Affinity Group websites.
  • Consistently communicate the brand of the STAR program when conducting pre-university outreach to remain unified in efforts and thinking, while adhering to the mission, vision, and goals of IEEE WIE.
  • Continue to promote the use of the IEEE Educational Activities resource for students to explore engineering. Also, to encourage IEEE volunteers to utilize the lesson plans since they are geared to help young people understand better what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future.

Please send all reports along with images (jpg format) of the event to IEEE WIE.

Ways to Report Your Activity


Report as a STAR Activity on V-Tools and log your activity by including the phrase “WIE-STAR” in the name of the activity. This will enable your activity to be recorded at your Section level and also by IEEE WIE.

The STEM Portal

Share your activity, resources (optional) and feedback of your activity on the Try Engineering Portal to showcase your STAR Program to the whole of IEEE and its Partners and inspire others.