Region 10 WIE initiated a new project in 2019 named “WIE Change Makers”. This is a partial travel funding program for WIE volunteers to attend and present at the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit (WIE ILS). IEEE WIE ILS provides opportunities for global networking, mentorship, and collaboration through highly interactive sessions designed to foster discussion and collaboration among the participants, speakers, and the organisers. Travel grant recipients are selected from IEEE WIE leaders from Region 10, with priority given to volunteers who have contributed to various programs that inspired, engaged, and advanced women in engineering. This project enables opportunities for active volunteers to meet and learn from fellow engineers and researchers in the field, especially from women who have successfully built their careers. We expect that attendees will take back with them the knowledge gained at the summits to implement best practices in their own Sections, Student Branches, and Affinity Groups. We insist that the Travel grant recipients must conduct a workshop at their WIE Affinity group on the importance of the WIE ILS and share their experience with the rest of the membership. It improves their motivation and accelerates communication among their WIE group.

The program started in 2019. R10 WIE sends out the call for travel grants annually. There was a “Change Makers” program planned in 2020 for active WIE volunteer members.

We originally planned a travel funding program to attend the IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit 2020 in Coimbatore (India), Lahore (Pakistan), Nagpur (India). However, due to COVID-19, plans had to be changed.


  • Train young IEEE WIE volunteers about IEEE activities, best practices, and methodologies.
  • Take back learnings from the Summit to implement in their sections, student branches, and affinity groups
  • Travel Expense Funds partially help young WIE leaders to participate in the WIE ILS
  • Encourage submission from less active/inactive WIE AGs

Project measurable deliverables

  • Number and Quality of submission
  • Outcome (report) for the R10 newsletter and R10 WIE Website

R10 WIE received 50 submissions from 5 countries (Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) in 2019. After evaluation, the R10 WIE Committee selected 10 members for financial support. However, some fund recipients were not able to attend the ILS due to visa issues and other reasons. As a result, we had 5 Change Makers in 2019.


The program can be organized wherever there is a need. Any Section/SB Affinity Group can initiate and lead the program. For details on the application method, visit

Visit the Region 10 website to view R10 WIE Change Makers reports.

Contact Emi Yano (R10 WIE Coordinator) for more information.