Dear Members,
Welcome to our April 2024 IEEE WIE Newsletter.

A Recap of Important IEEE WIE Happenings

IEEE SAC/YP/WIE Face-to-Face meeting
IEEE WIE has successfully organized the IEEE SAC/YP/WIE Face to Face meeting, on 15-17 March 2024, in Lisbon, Portugal. Apart from global leaders from MGA, TAB, and Regions, IEEE WIE voting members, IEEE WIE regional coordinators, and IEEE WIE Society Liaisons engaged in meaningful presentations and discussions for assessing and accelerating the progress of IEEE WIE Programs and continued the great success in 2023. I like to thank everyone and our IEEE WIE staff for contributing to a successful meeting. Please enjoy photos of the meeting to remain with us in spirit,

Relaunching of IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC)
IEEE Women in Engineering has successfully made very good progress in relaunching IEEE WIE ILC 2025 by sending out a Call for nominations for the 2025-2026 Conference Chair and 2025 Planning committee! 

IEEE WIE has received an enormous response to the call from the global WIE membership. Stay tuned for dedicating your contribution and participation to WIE ILC 2025!

Partnership with IEEE HKN
IEEE WIE has successfully organized the first partnership with IEEE HKN via the sponsored Panel with the theme “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion –in Pathways to Industry” on 24 February 2024.  Please visit, for details.
IEEE.Tv. link

Celebration of International Women’s Day

IEEE WIE celebrated international women’s day with a panel discussion with 107 registrations from interested participants.
Theme: Strategies to Nurture Talents of Women and Men to Promote Diversity and Inclusion
IEEE.Tv link

IEEE WIE Partnership with IEEE Life Members Conference
IEEE WIE partnered with the inaugural IEEE Life Members Conference, 14-16 April in Austin, Texas for a mentoring session, It was very well received due to a great engagement,

Future Happenings
IEEE Milestone Dedication Ceremony Recognizing Grace Hopper
Let us celebrate the IEEE Milestone dedication ceremony recognizing the women scientists Grace Hopper on May 7 at Philadelphia, USA both in person and virtually, This is a significant moment for IEEE WIE as this is the first IEEE milestone recognizing technical contributions of women in Scientists! Looking forward to IEEE WIE’s contribution and effort in successful approval of many more IEEE Milestones recognizing women scientists’ contribution in collaboration with IEEE History Committee and IEEE Milestone proposers.

Launching of IEEE WIE day 2024
IEEE WIE day 2024 has been launched for celebrating it from June 23rd to July 12th with a theme engaging more women in AI and 4IR technologies,
I encourage member engagement through great events aligned with the theme!

WIE’s engagement in IEEE Education week 2024
During IEEE Education Week 2024, IEEE WIE has launched video and text projects highlighting the vision and knowledge of IEEE WIE society Liaisons focusing on top technology in your area which may inspire WIE students to retain in IEEE WIE when they graduate and enter into early career. Please follow IEEE WIE social media to share the video and text projects to celebrate IEEE WIE education week around your community.
On the heels of IEEE Education Week, IEEE WIE felt it was important to inspire WIE members to tap into the top technology areas available from IEEE Societies (39) and Councils (8). IEEE WIE is looking forward to your participation in the upcoming panel “ Promoting Diversity & Inclusion for Engineering & Technology Education in Emerging Areas”,

IEEE WIE International Leadership Summits (WIE ILSs) 2024
If you are residing nearby to the location of the 2024 IEEE WIE ILSs, Please join and render your contributions, to make them super successful and impactful.
IEEE WIE Awards 2024
Thanks for your enthusiastic participation to 2024 IEEE WIE award Programs, 

We received a huge response. Stay tuned and geared up for 2025 to showcase your impactful contribution to IEEE WIE community!

IEEE WIE climate Tech Big Idea Pitch Competition 2024
Thanks for your contributions in the successful IEEE WIE climate Tech Big Idea Pitch Competition in 2023. The 2024 competition is coming soon in May! Looking forward to your engagement and contribution!

Thank you all for your extraordinary contributions to IEEE WIE!
Celia Shahnaz