Baya Bouchaala is a passionate Tunisian telecommunications engineering student at ENET’Com (National School of Electronics and Telecommunications, Sfax, Tunisia). As the 2022 Chairwoman of IEEE WIE ENET’Com, she ignited innovation and collaboration, taking the student affinity group to new heights.

Co-Event Manager of the first ever Women in Engineering Annual Congress of Tunisia, Baya linked aspiring Tunisian female engineers and STEM students, promoting equality and diversity.

Her strategic leadership secured first place in the Star Program 2022 competition in the IEEE Tunisian Students and Young Professional Congress in Tunisia.

Celebrating 25 years of WIE, Baya actively participated in gatherings of IEEE WIE Africa Chairs, embodying dedication to empowering women in engineering and driving positive change.

Under her guidance, the Student Affinity Group earned the prestigious “2023 Women in Engineering Student Affinity Group of the Year” award and the “2023 Region 8 Women in Engineering Student Affinity Group of the Year Award,”. These awards are a testament to her trailblazing efforts and commitment to her team to empowering the future of women in engineering.

Currently pursuing a Telecommunications Engineering degree at the National School of Electronics and Telecommunications Sfax, Baya’s role as a manager for the Telecommunications Engineering Day underscores her commitment to promoting the profession locally. Her membership in various chapters and other professional organizations showcases her continuous learning and innovation pursuit, particularly in the DevOps and cloud fields.

Baya’s passion for volunteering work is not only evident through her dedicated efforts but has also been recognized with great distinction. Her remarkable commitment to making a positive impact has led her to achieve the prestigious “2023 Region 8 Women in Engineering Section Student Volunteer Award.” This remarkable accomplishment stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to her community.
She relishes teamwork and embraces the opportunity to connect with people and learn from them worldwide.