Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of IEEE WIE

The year 2022 marked the 25th anniversary of IEEE Women in Engineering!  Year-long celebrations and key moments reflected on the great progress and achievements made by great women in STEM within IEEE.  WIE also celebrated the great men who consistently support women along the way. The WIE 25th Anniversary Subcommittee proudly announced the portfolio of activities which started with concerted reflections by the past and current Chairs who have led the WIE Committee since its formation in 1997, with a special interview session.

Another key event involved the participation of WIE scientists and innovators who showcased their work and competed to present it in a dedicated session at the 2022 IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference (ILC).

Also to be noted, a special 25th anniversary virtual seminar series with “Extraordinary Science by Extraordinary Women” from IEEE Societies commenced in January 2022. This sample of events was far from being exhaustive. IEEE Societies and WIE Affinity Groups in all IEEE Regions had celebratory events.

View the highlights of the anniversary celebrations in the December 2022 issue of  the award-winning IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine.

WIE 25th Anniversary Activities

  • December 2021 –  WIE Chairs panel discussion
  • January – December 2022 – Extraordinary Women Extraordinary Science Seminar Series
  • 8 March 2022  – 12-hour online event covering all regions with presentations. View Agenda
  • 6-7 June 2022 – IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC) sessions with presentations and awards
  • December 2022 – Special Edition of the IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine with highlights of activities, pictures, and documentation of the global 25th anniversary celebrations

WIE Affinity Groups Across Africa – Student Writing Competition

Flyer for the 2022 student writing competition.In celebration of 25 years of IEEE Women in Engineering, WIE Affinity Groups across Africa collaboratively presented: ‘A Student Writing Competition 2022’

The question was: Which woman inspires you the most in the STEM career?

Essay submission deadline was: 6 November 2022.

The flyer below indicates the eligibility requirements and submission guidelines.

Winners will be announced soon.

Donate to the IEEE Women in Engineering Fund (WIE)

The purpose of this fund is to provide support for IEEE WIE outreach and educational activities to promote and advance youth and women in engineering and science.

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WIE 25th Anniversary Global Marathon

This 12-hour online Live Streaming event covered IEEE regions around the world with presentations, invited speakers, and more.

The year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of IEEE Women in Engineering!

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, WIE brought together women engineers to share, celebrate, and get inspired for the future.

A full year of celebrations and key moments reflect on the great progress and achievements made by great women in STEM within the IEEE.

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Past 25, Next 25

Twelve past and current WIE Committee Chairs share their memories and reflections on their WIE experiences and their visions for the future of IEEE WIE.

Watch the WIE Chairs Panel discussion now available on demand.

Extraordinary Women Extraordinary Science Seminar Series

Group of women from IEEE WIE. This seminar series plans to highlight the Extraordinary Science performed in IEEE Societies and Councils by Extraordinary Women. Each Society and Council will be asked to select a “champion” to present her work throughout the year. The series wishes to encourage attendees to participate in this highly interdisciplinary event and hopes to be a seminal moment of inspiration for women, girls, and young researchers interested in STEM. View the upcoming event dates.

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“Women-to-Women Tech Ideas Dedicated to Women” Competition

For the 25th anniversary of WIE, we held a competition which provided an opportunity to the participants to highlight the strengths, knowledge, ideas, and creativity that help solve technical problems. They were encouraged to contribute their innovative ideas.

W2S competition award winners banner.

Winners Announced

Congratulations to the “Women-to-Women Tech Ideas Dedicated to Women” Competition. View the full list of winners and their subject areas.

Submit Photos/Collage of your WIE Affinity Group

Group shot of an IEEE WIE Affinity Group.The photos submitted will be used in the WIE 25th anniversary program communications, newsletter, and other promotional activities. We also plan to collate the photos and show them on iconic sites around the world. If you have access to an iconic site, like Times Square, please let us know so we can send you an electronic copy of the poster to project.

Behind a Successful Woman, Nominate a man who supports the advancement of women

Often, women have been supported in their choices and career by extraordinary men who understood the talent and the difficulties women face in the academic or work environments. These men have been nominated for their fundamental role in supporting women in their career”. We would like to celebrate them during the WIE@25 and hope their actions will inspire other men to join women in fulfilling their potential. We would also like to thank those women who proposed them for this award.


As women evolve in their careers, they face many challenges every day and look to elevate. Below are some of the frequently questions asked. We would like to get a different perspective on the answers to these questions and share them with the WIE Community.

  1. How can I startup my own company?
  2. Can someone help navigate the path towards patenting my idea?
  3. Is any venture capitalist willing to give me some funds?
  4. What can I do to upgrade my position within my tech company
  5. Why is the guy next to me getting promoted before I do?
  6. Why is my CV less attractive when we have done the same work?

Let’s find together some answers to these questions.


Opportunity sharing and networking can help us all grow around the world.

  1. Do you know of an open position in your company, university, research lab, etc?
  2. Do you have scholarships available at your University for international students?
  3. Would you like to partner with a specialist in a particular area?