The IEEE JSSATEN SB and IEEE CVRCE SB jointly organized a two-day event on “Women in Sustainability and Climate Change” on 11-12 July 2023. The event aimed to highlight the role of women in addressing environmental challenges, promoting sustainable practices, and driving positive change in the face of climate change. The event featured panel discussions and expert talks, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and inspiration. Day 1: Panel Discussion The first day of the event commenced with a thought-provoking panel discussion organized by IEEE CVRCE SB. Distinguished panelists were invited to share their experiences and insights on women’s contributions to sustainability and climate change. The panel discussion explored key topics such as the importance of women’s involvement in environmental decision-making, the challenges faced by women in the sustainability sector, and the role of technology in advancing sustainable solutions. Panelists also discussed strategies to empower and encourage more women to pursue careers in sustainability. The engaging discussion captivated the audience, comprising students and professionals. The participants actively participated by asking questions and sharing their own perspectives on the issues at hand. The panel discussion successfully fostered a collaborative environment that encouraged knowledge exchange and networking. Day 2: Expert Talks The second day of the event featured Enlightening Expert Talks organized by IEEE JSSATEN SB. Esteemed speakers, recognized for their expertise in sustainability and climate change, delivered impactful presentations, providing valuable insights and practical solutions to address environmental challenges. The expert talks covered diverse topics, including sustainable energy solutions, climate policy advocacy, circular economy practices, and sustainable urban planning. The speakers shared their success stories, highlighted the importance of women’s leadership in driving sustainable initiatives, and showcased innovative approaches to mitigate climate change. The sessions were highly interactive, with attendees actively engaging in discussions and seeking guidance from the speakers. The talks not only educated the audience but also motivated them to take action and make positive changes in their own lives and communities. The two-day event on “Women in Sustainability and Climate Change” organized by IEEE CVRCE SB and IEEE JSSATEN SB was a resounding success. The panel discussion and expert talks provided a platform for meaningful conversations, inspiring stories, and practical insights into the role of women in addressing sustainability challenges and climate change. The event not only raised awareness about the importance of women’s involvement in environmental decision-making but also encouraged collaboration among students, professionals, and experts in the field. The attendees left the event feeling empowered and motivated to contribute to a sustainable future. The knowledge shared and connections made during the event will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for future initiatives and collective action in the pursuit of a more sustainable and climate-resilient world.