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IEEE El Paso Section Dinner Talk: Multi-agent Sensing and Decision Making – From Smart Buildings to Electric Infrastructure

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The dinner talk at Great American Steakhouse is back again! This time we will invite Dr. Javad Mohammadi, Assistant Professor in the Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin, to give us a talk on Multi-agent Sensing and Decision Making – From Smart Buildings to Electric Infrastructure. After the talk, we will have dinner and network with each other. The event is free to those who register by 8:00pm on Monday, April 3, and IEEE El Paso Section will cover an entrée for each attendee at the steakhouse. We look forward to seeing you! A fee of $10.99 will apply to those who register later than that. Abstract of the talk: The digital transformation of cyber-physical infrastructures is driven by connectivity and autonomy. The consequence of this transformation is that the system’s physical structure has become significantly more distributed, the number of cyber-enabled autonomous components has dramatically increased, and the inter-infrastructure interdependence has expanded. These cyber and physical transitions make system-wide inferences and decision-makings challenging. The energy system is an example of an infrastructure that is increasingly facing these challenges. The future electric infrastructure will differ from the current system by the increased integration of smart grid-interactive buildings, decentralized energy generation, widespread energy storage, communications, and sensing technologies. These advancements, combined with climate change concerns, and resiliency needs, are resulting in a more distributed and interconnected electric infrastructure, requiring decisions to be made at scale. The current centralized sensing and decision-making structures are not suitable to operate such highly decentralized systems. In this talk, I will consider multi-agent information processing problems and introduce a set of privacy-preserving, adaptive, and computationally efficient solutions. I will showcase applications in addressing the decarbonization and resiliency needs of energy systems from smart buildings to electric infrastructure. The proposed solutions are based on the consensus+innovations multi-agent framework, in which the consensus term enforces agreement among agents while the innovations updates ensure that agents’ constraints are satisfied. Co-sponsored by: University of Texas El Paso, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Speaker(s): Javad Mohammadi, UT Austin, Agenda: Meet and Greet: 5:30 – 6:00 PM Seminar: 6:00 – 7:00 PM Dinner 7:00 – 8:30 PM Great American Steakhouse, 600 Valley Chili Rd, Anthony, TX 79821, Anthony, Texas, United States

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