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Alliant Energy Community Solar and Battery Storage Project in Cedar Rapids IA

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Alliant Energy continues to expand its Clean Energy Blueprint. In the last year Alliant has built the Community Solar project and a new battery storage project located in the heart of Cedar Rapids. Join Alliant Energy subject matter experts to learn more about each of the projects and the benefits it provides to all of Alliant Energy customers. Alliant Energy has 3 community solar project today. (https://www.alliantenergy.com/cleanenergy/whatyoucando/communitysolar/communitysolarfdl) – Operational and subscribed 1.0 MW (https://www.alliantenergy.com/cleanenergy/whatyoucando/communitysolar/communitysolarcr) – Operational and subscribed 4.5 MW (https://www.alliantenergy.com/cleanenergy/whatyoucando/communitysolar/communitysolarjanesville) – Announced 2.25 MW For the Cedar Rapids Project, the 18,000 transferable 250 watt blocks will average 541 kWh annually. Blocks are purchased by residential and commercial grid customers to off-set their electric costs for 20 years. Learn how this works for customers and Alliant Energy operations. Learn the technical details from Alliant Engineering and Operations. Alliant Cedar Rapids Community Solar updates are (https://www.alliantenergy.com/cleanenergy/whatyoucando/communitysolar/communitysolarcr/crsolarupdates) Co-sponsored by: Alliant Energy Speaker(s): Heide Parker, Jim Grabner Agenda: 4:30 PM Arrive, socialize 4:50 PM Program starts 6:00 PM Program ends Bldg: Alliant Energy Operations Center, 1001 Shaver Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States, 52403

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