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Workshop: Exploring Programming Basics and AI Fundamentals

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Workshop: Learn programming fundamentals and explore basic AI concepts. Start coding with Python, create simple programs, and dip your toes into AI with hands-on exercises like image recognition. Perfect for beginners interested in programming and AI. Agenda: Session 1: Introduction (10 minutes) – Welcome and overview of the workshop. – Brief explanation of Python and AI. Session 2: Python Fundamentals (20 minutes) – Introduction to Python. – Writing your first Python program. – Basic data types and variables. Session 3: Control Flow (15 minutes) – Conditional statements (if, elif, else). – Introduction to loops (for and while). Session 4: Practical AI Example (30 minutes) – Overview of AI and its applications. – Hands-on activity: Creating a simple AI program (e.g., image recognition) using Python. Session 5: Q&A and Wrap-up (15 minutes) – Open floor for questions and discussion. – Recap of key takeaways. – Information on further learning resources. Bldg: School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Kardeljeva ploščad 17, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Slovenia, 1000

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