The IEEE Frances B. Hugle Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Frances B. Hugle, and her many significant engineering accomplishments, and to help provide the resources for female engineers to follow in her footsteps. The scholarship is presented to up to two female IEEE Student Members who have completed two years of undergraduate study in an engineering curriculum at an ABET-accredited university or college within the United States.

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Rachel Leong

Rachel Leong is a fourth-year student majoring in Electrical Engineering at Stony Brook University with a specialization in Power and Energy Systems. Hailing from2023 Frances B. Hugle Scholarship Winner - Rachel Leong Brooklyn, New York, she developed a fascination with several STEM fields and curiosity for engineering watching her father build, repair, and tinker at home. She was inspired to pursue electrical engineering because it offered a challenging combination of math, physics, and programming. She has previously interned at a non-profit company, a power transmission company, and an electrical contracting company. On campus, she serves as the President of the IEEE Stony Brook University Student Branch, actively leading a team of fourteen to plan a variety of professional, technical, academic, and social events. She is also a Lead Peer Mentor for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Peer Mentoring Program where she helps first-year students develop and transition from high school to college. She is also a member of the Honors College and was previously the Event Coordinator of Society of Women Engineers at Stony Brook University. She is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for others, particularly other women, to pursue engineering and enjoys teaching others. She is excited to help plan more outreach events and compete at more IEEE Micromouse Competitions with the IEEE Stony Brook University Student Branch.


The IEEE Women in Engineering Committee takes pleasure in presenting Rachel Leong as a 2023 recipient of the IEEE Frances B. Hugle Scholarship, in recognition of her outstanding academic performance and passion for engineering.

Rebecca M. House

Hello! I’m Rebecca House. I am currently in my senior year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. December 2024 marks a significant milestone for me as I’ll be graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and shortly after, in May 2025, I will complete my Master of Business Administration through UAB’s accelerated bachelor/master (ABM) program. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout this journey has been a testament to my unwavering dedication and hard work.
Professionally, my journey has been enriched by my role as a Co-Op at Southern Company Services in Electrical Design since January of 2022. This role has seen me deeply involved in various projects, especially in protection and controls at transmission and distribution substations across the Southern Company fleet. Additionally, this spring, I’ve embraced the role of Vice President of the Students of Southern Company, which has been a fantastic opportunity to expand my leadership and collaborative skills.
My home is in Talladega, AL, where I live on Logan Martin Lake with my fiancé Landon and our dog, Wednesday. Outside the realms of academia and work, I find solace in reading and playing the piano. These hobbies are not just pastimes but a much-needed counterbalance to my busy schedule. Moreover, my involvement in the Tau Beta Phi Engineering Honor Society and Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society enhances my university experience, connecting me with a network of like-minded individuals.
The beliefs and aspirations that fuel my journey are deeply personal. I am motivated by the transformative power of education and the potential of women in STEM fields, recognizing the underrepresentation of women in this sector. This is not a limitation for me but a beacon, a sign of a void that I am determined to help fill. This period in my life has been incredibly rewarding, filled with learning and growth. As I look to the future, I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the impact I hope to make in the world of engineering and beyond.

The IEEE Women in Engineering Committee takes pleasure in presenting Rebecca M. House as a 2023 recipient of the IEEE Frances B. Hugle Scholarship, in recognition of her outstanding academic performance and passion for engineering.