The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) awards program recognizes WIE members and WIE Affinity Groups who have made outstanding contributions to IEEE WIE, their community, and the engineering profession, through their dedication and involvement in projects or activities directed toward fulfilling the IEEE WIE goals and objectives. Women engineers are among some of the most distinguished contributors to the engineering profession.

2021 IEEE Women in Engineering Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award

Anastassia Gharib headshot.Anastassia Gharib (pictured)

2021 Recipient, IEEE WIE Committee Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognizes an individual member of the full IEEE WIE Committee (as defined in the MGA Operations Manual section 4.20 IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee, D. Composition) who has exhibited volunteering of an extraordinary nature in implementing activities/projects that support the goals of WIE at the local, regional, national and/or international level. The accomplishments of the candidate should be of “significant performance” and should have made a distinguishing contribution. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units, not on professional achievement. The award recipient shall be presented with a plaque. One award shall be presented annually.

2022 WIE Award Recipients

Sunitha Beevi headshot.IEEE WIE Inspiring Member of the Year Award

Winner (pictured): Sunitha Beevi K. (R10)
As an academician, I was able to use my experience and knowledge to organise STEM based programmes in the Kerala Section, to inspire the students and professionals of the engineering community, thereby applying technology for the benefit of humanity.

Honorable Mention: Cristiane Agra Pimentel (R9)
Honorable Mention: Mercy Chelangat (R8)

Syed Sadia Hossain headshot.

IEEE WIE Inspiring Student Member of the Year Award

Winner (pictured):  Syed Sadia Hossain (R10)
I feel inspired to be the reason for someone’s growth and improvement. Comparing my past self to the present, helps me to understand how much I need to push myself. That’s what also inspires me to add value to society and people, through my work.

Winner (pictured): Ana Hellen Carvalho dos Santos (R9)
Ana Hellen Carvalho dos Santos headshot.It inspires me to know that we can help people, through our actions and projects, bring knowledge and make a difference in the lives of others is what I love most. The mission of IEEE WIE allows me to positively impact the lives of girls and young people, and that is incredible for me.

Honorable Mention: Mariana Larissa Antunes da Costa (R9)
Honorable Mention: Fatima Oviedo (R9)

IEEE WIE Affinity Group of the Year Award

WIE Ecuador chapter headshots of award winners.Winner (pictured): WIE Ecuador (R9)
We are aware that women are still underrepresented in engineering and science careers worldwide, we are inspired to promote the active participation of professional and student IEEE WIE members in projects that allow girls and young people to be involved in STEM activities. Receiving the 2021 WIE Affinity Group of the Year Award is a commitment to continue working in volunteering. As a team we join efforts to develop activities, projects and events that generate an impact on our society and this recognition shows us that dedicating our time to increase the participation of women in engineering and science careers is important.

Honorable Mention: WIE Toronto Section (R7)
Honorable Mention: WIE Italy Section (R8)

IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of the Year Award

WIE Mar Athanasius headshots of award winners.Winner (pictured): WIE Mar Athanasius College of Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group (R10, Kerala Section)
“The unflinching passion to transform our members into future leaders and leave an imprint for future generations empower us to Inspire, Engage and Educate young minds.”

IEEE WIE AG MACE has always worked by taking in the interest and opinions of its members. Our strength is our student force. And we are highly motivated by their spirit and enthusiasm. This engenders us to conduct events (technical and interpersonal) to bring up independent self-reliable strong professionals by directing them to pursue their passion with confidence. We chain together our thoughts and energy to inspire, engage and educate young minds for the better tomorrow.

Honorable Mention: WIE Istanbul Technical University SBAG (R8)
Honorable Mention: WIE University of Melbourne SBAG (R10)