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Unified HIV Risk Evaluation: Employing Technology for Personalized Testing and Prevention Strategies

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IEEE PCJS Young Professional Talk Series 2024
Unified HIV Risk Evaluation: Employing Technology for Personalized Testing and Prevention Strategies
Mingchao He
Data Analyst in the Cancer Epidemiology and Health Outcomes
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
About the Talk
Considering the evolving landscape of travel influenced by the ongoing and post-pandemic scenarios of COVID-19, the judicious allocation of medical resources remains a pertinent concern. Therefore, we undertook a comprehensive analysis utilizing HIV testing data sourced from CDC BIFSS spanning the years 2016 to 2020.
Our study incorporates five demographic independent variables, gender, age group, race/ethnicity, transmission category, and regions of residence. By comparing the results of our regression analysis with several existing models, we identified the model that best aligns with the empirical data. We then superimposed and integrated this outcome with Bayes' theorem to determine the level for individuals at risk of HIV, providing tailored inspection recommendations.
About the Speaker
Mingchao He obtained his Master's degree from Rutgers University in 2021. Beginning in 2020, he contributed his expertise to Ambio Inc. as a Clinical Analyst, where he specialized in analyzing COVID-19 infections. In 2021, he transitioned to Symrise INC as a Marketing Research Analyst, where his responsibilities included collecting brainwave image data for specific compounds through clinical trials. He meticulously analyzed and rated preferences for these compounds. Since 2022, Mingchao has been an integral part of the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, serving as a Data Analyst in the Cancer Epidemiology and Health Outcomes.
Mingchao focuses on studying the impact of neighborhood social and physical environments on access to prostate and breast cancer screening. Additionally, Mingchao is actively involved in investigating racial disparities within a cohort of individuals with cancer, specifically among Black and White populations.
Sponsors: IEEE Princeton/Central Jersey Section
IEEE Photonics Society PCJS Chapter
IEEE Young Professional PCJS Chapter
IEEE Women in Engineering PCJS Chapter
All are welcome! You do not have to be a member of the IEEE to attend. The registration is free and required.
Event link:
Time: 8:30~9:15PM (Eastern Time), Wednesday April 3rd 2024
Zoom: https://futurewei.zoom.us/j/6135444997
Zoom ID: 613 544 4997
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Co-sponsored by: IEEE Princeton/Central Jersey Section, IEEE Photonics Society PCJS, IEEE Young Professional PCJS, IEEE Women in Engineering PCJS
Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/410585

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