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IEEE WIE Phoenix presents: "Ethical Horizons in AI: Navigating the Landscape of Responsible Artificial Intelligence" by Nikita Tiwari, Intel

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Please join us for the following talk from Nikita Tiwari from Intel on Responsible AI.
Abstract: AI is currently experiencing significant popularity, marking the dawn of a new era. From autonomous driving to immersive shopping, and from enhanced video collaboration in today's hybrid world to generative AI, technology is placing a wealth of possibilities at our fingertips. Nevertheless, the utilization of AI comes with numerous vulnerabilities, resulting in substantial costs from AI accidents. These incidents range from reinforcing historical biases to making decisions that elude our interpretation. With the proliferation of AI-based solutions, understanding the rationale behind these black-box models becomes imperative. We will delve into real-world scenarios illustrating the risks of deploying AI in diverse environments. Explore how these risks can be mitigated through a range of techniques across the model development and deployment process and discern the best practices for bringing AI products to market.
Speaker(s): Nikita Tiwari,
Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/413319

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