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SheCanML – Empowering Young Women in Machine Learning

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The Women in STEM group on New York University Abu Dhabi campus are holding their 9th annual High School Conference on April 21st. The weSTEM conference is a collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative aimed at fostering diversity and enhancing the presence of women in STEM fields within and beyond the UAE. Thier primary focus is on equipping high school girls with essential technical and interpersonal skills necessary for success in STEM careers.
The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) affinity group in the UAE is hosting a workshop, called SheCanML, during the conference. Given the widespread usage of machine learning (ML) in our daily lives and its incorporation in various subfields within STEM, we aim to provide a fun and interactive introduction to ML for female high school students. Our goal is to engage participants in hands-on activities that will deepen their understanding of key concepts and empower them to train a simple ML model.
Co-sponsored by: New York University Abu Dhabi
Proposed Plan:
1. Introduction (10 minutes)
o Welcome
o Introduce the team
o The purpose and goals
2. Icebreaker activity using bingo (15 minutes)
o A fun icebreaker for the participants to get to know each other
3. Introduction to ML (15 minutes)
o Overview of ML and its applications in everyday life
4. Hands-on Activities (30 minutes)
o Divide participants into groups of 2
o Building a simple ML model using Google’s teachable machine
5. 10 minutes break
6. Career opportunities in ML (20 minutes)
o Present some female-led initiatives
7. Q&A Session (10 minutes)
o Opportunity for participants to ask questions and engage with presenters
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

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