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IEEE WIE Phoenix presents: "Computing with Quantum Systems : Making it a reality" by Dr. Shavindra P. Premaratne, Quantum Systems Engineer and Research Scientist at Intel Corporation

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Computing with Quantum Systems : Making it a reality
Quantum computing is a field that has garnered significant attention as an alternative method of
computation. In contrast to the classical computing paradigm of the past 50 years, quantum
computing relies on quantum superposition and quantum entanglement to facilitate great speedup in
certain computations. In this talk, I will introduce the fundamental ideas of quantum computing,
describe the potential uses of quantum computers, and give an overview of the Intel Quantum
computing research effort and the current state of the field.
Shavindra P. Premaratne
Shavindra is a Quantum Systems Engineer and Research Scientist, working in the Applications & Quantum Architecture group at Intel Labs. His primary focus is on the integration of the quantum computing full stack. Broad experience in quantum device control & design, quantum & device simulations, systems modeling, automating measurements, and data analysis combined with expertise in the physics of quantum computing is crucial to his work conducted at Intel labs.
Shavindra holds a PhD and MS in Physics from University of Maryland – College Park (USA), a BSc in Physics from University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka), and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from University of Colombo (Sri Lanka).
45 mins presentation followed by 15 mins Q&A
Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/416111

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