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Creating useful and decorative items out of waste available at home, instead of throwing them is the best use for them. Lots of waste is generated at home daily such as coconut shells, old newspapers, glass jars, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. All these can be used in a creative way to spruce up the interiors. Best out-of-waste simply means to make something innovative and attractive out of the material that is of no use otherwise. Creating something new from the old, recycling and upcycling, are the best ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. With DIY items made from waste, one can decorate their home. These crafts are great for your children in their school projects. Moreover, you can use these best waste craft ideas to decorate your home and reuse materials. Project Motivation: Waste management should begin at home. Reduce, reuse and recycle waste at home to lessen the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. It is a great idea to reuse this waste to help the environment to prosper. Out-of-waste products enhance the home appeal. When put to the right use, you can create useful things such as handicrafts and accessories. Easy craft of out-of-waste projects are also an enjoyable and creative way to keep children occupied. Children would enjoy reusing old things to create something decorative. Making art from waste helps children learn new skills and help save the environment by creating best out of waste. It also helps children to learn the importance of recycling waste material. Innovative best out of waste ideas, develops the ability to create and inculcate waste management habits in children. Project Objectives: Some of such objectives are listed below. – To develop the ability to think and organize the thinking to create something useful. – To indulge the students into a extracurricular activity with exclusive tool i.e. waste material. – To explore the environmental concepts and actions which are beyond the curriculum & syllabus. – To make our vision and outlook broader about the nature & society. – To control the harmful effects of waste on our environment. Outcomes of the Hands on Training : – Optimum use of waste material. – Minimum harm in atmosphere. – Reduction in cutting of trees for paper. – Development of innovation & creativity. – Development of aesthetic appreciation. – Clean & beautified surroundings. – Development of ability to create, develop and present in form of an object. – Protection of nature and atmosphere. – Lost cost material can be made use waste. Co-sponsored by: Regional Science Center Speaker(s): Dr. Vijayalaxmi Biradar, Agenda: S.No. Material Used Product/Project 1 · PRAN Lichi drink/ Bisleri bottle(250ml) · Scissor · Cutter · Marker · Small motor · Motor blade (plastic) · Battery holder(2 AA size battery) · Small Switch (On Off) · Carton box/ Cardboard · Ice cream sticks · News paper · Glue Gun · Glue sticks · Color paper · Wooden Kebab Stick Plastic Bottle Helicopter 2 · Newspaper · Scissor · Wooden Kebab Stick · Acrylic color with brush · Coloring brush · Clips · Cello Tape · Fevicol · Chart Paper · Decoration Flower Gift Box 1 3 · Magazines · Scissor · Wooden Kebab Stick · Glue gun · Cold Drinks bottle Caps · CD/ Card board · Fevicol · Scale · Glue Sticks · Acrylic color · Color brush Paper Vase 4 · Disposable Plates · Wool · Carton box/ Cardboard · Marker · Scissor · Ribbon · Stapler · Sketch Pen · Chart Paper Pen Holder 5 · Carton box/ Cardboard · Scale · Pencil · Pencil Compass · Plastic fan blade · Cello tape · Motor with wire · Fevicol · Color tape · Bisleri bottle · Craft stick · Battery holder (2 AA Batteries) · Switch · Ice Air cooler from crafts 6 · Carton box/ Cardboard · Scale · Scissor · Shouldering gun · Plastic bottle (250ml) · Straws · Glue gun · Glue sticks · Color paper · Fevicol · Board pin Water dispenser 7 · CDs · Cutter · Scissor · Glue gun · Glue Stick · Craft Stick · Rubber band · Bottle Caps · Shouldering gun · Scale Automatic Craft car RAIPUR, Madhya Pradesh, India, 492104

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