Engaging Women in Mitigating Climate Change & Building Climate Resilience

Group shot of IEEE WIE at an awards event.

IEEE WIE Day – A Resounding Success!

IEEE WIE Day was highly successful with a number of events reported in vTools from 29 June – 31 July and many IEEE WIE Day Badges earned. Most importantly, IEEE Women in Engineering made waves with a lot of enthusiasm worldwide. WIE congratulates everyone who successfully organized/joined 2023 IEEE WIE Day events.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

239 IEEE WIE Day Ambassadors
120+ IEEE WIE Day events held worldwide
33 IEEE WIE Day badges earned
51 Poll questions answered
23 batches of promotional items shipped.

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Celebrate IEEE WIE Day

IEEE Women in Engineering was formally established on 29 June 1997 and since then WIE has proudly supported an ever-growing community of women in STEM and taken steps to promote change in the industry. We are excited to announce the launch of IEEE WIE Day on 23 June to coincide with ‘International Women in Engineering Day.’

WIE encourages its members, Affinity Groups, and Student Branch Affinity Groups to organize their own events to take place beginning 29 June (The day WIE was established) until 31 July 2023. This is a great opportunity for the local Affinity Groups and the Student Branches to co-organize events.

Let’s encourage each other to support the advancement of women in STEM across the globe!

2023 IEEE WIE Day Theme

Engaging Women in Mitigating Climate Change & Building Climate Resilience

Women’s participation is crucial for lessening the ill-effects of climate change. Their role can be pivotal in anticipating disturbances related to the climate and preparing appropriate responses.

In keeping with the theme, IEEE WIE Day celebrations aim to empower women to bring about positive changes by providing them a platform to showcase their ideas.

Let’s collaborate and connect with a global network of IEEE WIE Members and WIE Volunteers to make this inaugural WIE Day a great success.

A Message From IEEE WIE Day Chair, Chaitali Naik

Hello IEEE WIE Day Ambassadors,

I want to thank you for enthusiastically accepting the role of WIE Day Ambassadors. Your role will help spread the information about the IEEE WIE Day far and wide and will help make it successful.

Here are a few steps you can take as an ambassador.
1. Participate in IEEE WIE Day social media platforms to share events related to WIE DAY. This would mean sharing them widely through your own social media platforms. Events should be between 29 June -31 July.

2. Inform Affinity Groups and Student Branch Affinity Groups in your circles about IEEE WIE Day and keep them motivated to organize IEEE WIE Day events.
a. Please ensure the use of the hashtag #IEEEWIEDay in your promotions.
a. Please use the IEEE WIE Day Logo and also encourage everyone in your community to use our logo in their event flyers. The logo on this page is downloadable.

3. Encourage the Affinity Groups and Student Branch Affinity Groups in their areas to share their event details (aligned with the IEEE WIE day theme) under the thread of the pinned post in the IEEE WIE Global Network to earn a WIE Day Badge (Details on how to earn the badge are listed below).

4. Advise them to report the event under vTools for official tracking.

5. Promote IEEE WIE membership to new and existing members. Check out the referral program here. 

5. Once your event is completed please report the success of the event for IEEE WIE newsletter. 


Chaitali Naik

IEEE WIE Day Event Topics & Types

WIE Day celebration is open to your ideas to help promote the interest of women in STEM disciplines and provide them with a platform to showcase them. Should you need inspiration, please find some focus topics below.  Please remember to incorporate the overarching theme of ‘Engaging Women in Mitigating Climate Change & Building Climate Resilience.’

Meet our Ambassadors

Earn An IEEE WIE Day Badge

Host or participate in WIE Day events between 29 June and 31 July and earn a WIE DAY Badge in IEEE Collabratec.  All badge earners will be entered into a drawing in August and 5 winners will be selected randomly  to receive a WIE Blanket, a WIE Drinkware and a t-shirt (approx: 35 USD).

  • Earn the IEEE WIE Day 2023 Badge & Be Eligible to Win Prizes.
    Eligibility begins: 29 June, 9 am EST and ends on 31 July, 11:59:59pm EST


    • Attend an IEEE WIE Day event, in person or online.
      Snap a picture while at the event (in-person or online).
    • Log in to your IEEE Collabratec account and go to the Global WIE Network Community.
    • Then earn the IEEE WIE Day Badge as detailed here (2 steps):
      Step 1: Look for the specifically labeled post, IEEE WIE Day Badge Step 1 and in the comment field, post an image of your WIE Day event (screenshots are acceptable) along with the name of your Affinity Group/Student Branch
      Step 2: Look for the specifically labeled post, IEEE WIE Day Badge Step 2 and answer the poll question (make sure to select ‘submit’).

 WIE DAY Marketing Materials

Please feel free to download the WIE Day Logo as seen on this page.

WIE PowerPoint Template for your presentations can be accessed via IEEE WIE Visual Identity Toolkit