Get involved with WIE

If you are already an IEEE member, login to myIEEE and choose “Add Services”.

If you are not an IEEE member, click on “Join Now” to first join IEEE (you must an IEEE member in order to become a WIE member). You can add WIE to your membership options.

WIE dues are US$25 annually and free to IEEE Student Members, Graduate Student Members, and Life Members.

To form a Student Branch Affinity Group, complete the Student Branch Affinity Group petition form and submit it to IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA). The faculty advisor is no longer required to be a WIE member but must be an IEEE member (of Member Grade or higher).

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) will obtain the appropriate approvals and will notify you once the formation is completed.

To form an Affinity Group, complete the Affinity Group Petition Form (DOC, 100KB) and submit it to MGA. MGA will obtain the appropriate approvals and will notify you once the formation is completed.

IEEE provides free entity Web hosting which enables IEEE entities to develop, create, and maintain their own Web site on an IEEE host.

If you need assistance, please contact your Regional Electronic Communication Coordinator.

WIE members can meet colleagues with similar interests in promoting women in engineering and technology and participate in activities that support the WIE mission.

WIE members receive the following benefits:

  • access to the electronic WIE Membership Directory;
  • monthly WIE electronic newsletter which contains career information, reports on WIE and Affinity Group activities, IEEE news, and more;
  • opportunities to network, volunteer, and participate in local WIE activities.

Affinity Group Management

Affinity Groups are required to submit meeting, financial, and officer reports to IEEE MGA. Further information and report forms are available through IEEE MGA.

Student Branch Affinity Groups should follow the reporting procedures required by their Student Branch Chapter.

The IEEE MGA Operations Manual (PDF, 407 KB) contains information on procedures for running Affinity Groups. Student Branch Affinity Groups should review Sections 9.10, Student Branch Affinity Groups, and 9.8 Student Branch Chapters, and further discuss the formalities for reporting with their Student Branch as they may have their own additional procedures for reporting.

Affinity Groups should review Section 9.9, Affinity Groups.

Yes. An Affinity Group Chair job description is available. Other Section and Sub-unit officer job descriptions are also available.

Please visit the Section and Subunit Officer Positions job descriptions for more information.

If there has been a change in officers, the name and member number of the new Affinity Group Chair needs to be sent to the IEEE using the Officer Confirmation Form.

The IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) encourages development of local activities that are of educational and professional value to IEEE members and that increase the visibility of the WIE Affinity Group. To assist WIE Affinity Groups, the WIEC has a limited amount of funding available to support such activities.

To apply for this funding, a Funding Request Form must be submitted.

Newly established WIE Affinity Groups are eligible to request up to US$200 in start-up funding the first year they have been established.

Established WIE Affinity Groups are eligible to request up to US$300 for special projects. Such requests must be submitted at least three months prior to the activity. The WIEC will review the request at their next scheduled meeting. The WIE Affinity Group will be advised if the request has been approved. The WIEC may consider funding beyond US$300 if a project is considered especially valuable to the WIE mission.

Promotional Items

Complete the Promotional Material Request Form.

Please provide at least 2 to 3 weeks notice when requesting promotional items.

IEEE products such as banners, certificates, pins, and plaques are available through IEEE by completing the Recognition Products Order Form.

Connecting WIE Members

Currently, the WIE Virtual Community is only open to the WIE Committee, its liaisons, and Coordinators and Affinity Group Chairs who are sent an invitation to join upon appointment.

The current WIE Newsletter is available in PDF format on the WIE Newsletter page. Past WIE Newsletters are available in the WIE Newsletter archive.

If you are a WIE Member, the WIE Newsletter will be sent to the e-mail address you have on file with IEEE. If you are a WIE Member and have not received the WIE Newsletter, please update your IEEE profile with your current information.

Job Opportunities

IEEE WIE does not post positions on the WIE Web page. All positions are posted through the IEEE JobSite. If you wish to advertise a position, contact the IEEE JobSite.

WIE does not have internship opportunities. You may want to contact your local WIE Affinity Group to determine if they are aware of internships that are available.

Awards & Recognition

WIE may support applications for Senior Membership Grade. Complete the Senior Member Application Form and send it to: senior-member@ieee.org, copying women@ieee.org.

On the form, please complete all required fields (remember to be very specific with regard to significant performance). You can leave the nomination section blank (if you are requesting WIE’s assistance for a nomination) and this information will be completed after your information is reviewed by the WIEC.

Also, on this form you can add your two additional references. If you need WIE’s assistance for references please leave this section blank and WIE will assist with finding references for you.

For additional information, visit the IEEE Senior Member Web page.

There are several ways, such as the IEEE Awards Program and Senior Member Grade Elevation, to recognize outstanding individuals within IEEE.

Other Questions & Concerns

IEEE WIE Affinity Groups should use the approved WIE logo in order to maintain consistency and unity among WIE. To request the WIE logo, send an e-mail with your request to: women@ieee.org.

No. Men are welcomed and encouraged to join WIE.

No. WIE members are engineers, scientists, and allied professionals whose technical interests are rooted in electrical and computer sciences, engineering, and related disciplines.

The IEEE Annual Statistics contain membership statistics. To view this information, you must be an IEEE member in good standing. Specific WIE statistics available in this report are “IEEE Women Members by Grade” and “IEEE Women Members by Region by Grade”.

If you need additional membership data, each Section has a designated SAMIEEE recipient that has access to the SAMIEEE database (access is given to a defined list of current Volunteers based on the office they hold).

SAMIEEE is a Web enabled query tool that allows ad-hoc querying, reporting, and downloading of IEEE’s membership data. Contact your Section Chair to obtain additional information.