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Webinar: Negotiating For Value – How to Get Paid What You Are Worth

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Showcase your true value to your leadership and begin earning the salary you deserve!


After 20 years as a Pricing Strategy expert in Silicon Valley, Nikki has learned a few things about the value people place on the things they buy. Pricing everything from hardware, software, services, and financial products, she learned to balance the psychology of buying, with the art of selling. During annual review time, she realized managers rarely saw the true value in their employees’ work. Placing arbitrary salary limits and blaming budgets and benchmarks, Nikki saw the potential to harness the practices of pricing strategy to help employees take back their power and get paid for their contributions to these well-known brands. Join us as Nikki showcases how you can showcase your true value to your leadership and begin earning the salary you deserve!

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Author (s) and Affiliation
• Nikki Green is a Life & Business Resiliency Expert who has been in the international business industry for over 20 years, a former executive for PayPal, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems.
• She has worked with several notable C-Level executives in top Silicon Valley companies and received double promotions in 2 different Fortune 500 companies and The Golden Microphone Award.
• Nikki’s 4th book, Chameleon Mindset, was an Amazon Best-Seller, and she has been featured in USA Today, Podcast Magazine, and Authority Magazine.
• An avid traveler, visiting 15+ countries and more than half the United States, she has completed 7 marathons, 3 ultras, and dozens of triathlons across 3 continents.
• Nikki has dedicated her life to assisting others to reduce their fear to go after their dreams. Nikki’s greatest passion is empowering young people to reach their fullest potential.

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