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STEM DAY-1-Lead-Robotics

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The “Lead Robotics” Project, aims to promote STEM activities as for quality education in Tunisia. The STEM day engage , local primary Schools educators, IEEE volunteers and K-12 pupils for a STEM activity based on Try Engineering lesson plans. The workshops includes an introduction to IEEE STEM resources, as well as an overview on the educational potentials of IEEE TRy Eng platform. Co-sponsored by: Educational Activities-Tunisia Section Speaker(s): Nizar Rokbani, Mr. Karim Essifi, Mme Intissar, Mme Jawida, General Inpector Khaled Shabou, Mme Sourour Belhaj, Mme Wafa Agenda: Agenda Information: 8.00-9.45 Volunteers pre-meeting. 9:00-9:30 – STEM educators briefing – Participants registration – Working team composition 9.30-11.00 : STEM activities Room 1 (Level 1) : Working with Lego robotics Kits, with Mme “Jawida Lejmi & Sourour Belhaj” Room 2 (level 2) : Working with Lego Kits, with Mme Intissar Jlassi Room 4 (level 3-4) : The Tall Tower Challenge with Mme Wafa Ben Slimen (https://tryengineering.org/tool-kit/tall-tower-challenge/) Room 3 (level 5) : The water tower Challenge, With Mr. Karim Essifi (https://tryengineering.org/teacher/lesson-plans/water-tower-challenge/#etc) Room 4 (Level 6) : The Blinking with arduino- Integrated into a Game, With Mr Karim Essifi (https://tryengineering.org/teacher/lesson-plans/arduino-blink-challenge/) 11.00-12.00 : Build your poster and present your work 12.00- 13.00 : Lunch Break 13.00 – 14.00 : Pupils presentations 14.00-14.30 : Closing & Certificates Ecole Primaire Salah Ghodbane, Dar Chaabane El Fehry, Nabeul, Nabeul, Tunisia, 8011

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