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Seminar – Skin optics: the connection between intrinsic properties of skin and the appearance of skin

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Optical images and spectroscopy of skin can characterize the appearance of skin… the sheen, the glow, the smoothness, the pigmentation. Such parameters are worthwhile to assess, and of practical use to people managing their skin’s appearance. Such observed parameters are connected to the intrinsic properties of skin: blood content, oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in blood, water content, melanin content, scattering properties, as well as the architecture of skin (depth of the blood, multiple layers: epidermis, papillary dermis, vascular plexus, reticular dermis, fat, muscle). The geometry of observation (delivery and collection of light from the skin) influences how intrinsic properties map to observed parameters. This talk will discuss how light transports in/through/out of skin based on skin properties and architecture, and yields the observed appearance of skin. Speaker(s): Steven Room: 101, Bldg: Alan MacDiarmid (AM), Kelburn Parade, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

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