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Planning Meeting 2024 – IM/C PACE SIGHT WIE

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Planning spreadsheet and cover sheet for 2024 plans for meetings, projects, grants, funding, etc. for NJ Coast Women in Engineering WIE, Instrumentation & Measurement/Computer Chapter, PACE SIGHT Group, and other opportunities. Instructions from our Section are as follows: ” To All NJ Coast Section Executive Committee Members, We are at that time of year where we, the Section Leadership, are composing the 2024 Budget for EOY 2023 review. To that end, we request that for anyone seeking funds from the section (matching or otherwise) for 2024, please follow the guidelines below. Submission Guidelines: – Proposals shall consist of an E-Mail Cover Sheet to Michael Sosa and a Spreadsheet of Line Items – All proposal cover sheets shall be submitted to your respective Google Drive on behalf of your GeoUnit / Entity By September 21, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET. – Contact Ali Daneshmand for access to your respective Google Drive Folders – Submit to the Google Drive a Spreadsheet with the following line items: – GeoUnit / Entity Name – Chair Name & Contact Info – Treasurer Name / Contact Info – Matching or Not Matching? If matching, who is matching? – Itemized List composing the total of the requested section funds – List of proposed projects / talks / events For Your Information: – Any proposal submission after the deadline and deviating from the instructions above will not be considered. – All proposals abiding by the guideline above will be thoroughly considered, but not necessarily approved. – Budget Review and Voting will take place in our November 2023 Executive Committee Meeting.” Best Regards, IEEE NJ Coast Section Leaders” “NJ Coast Audit of the Section’s 2022 activity concluded today. Please note this audit began in May 2022. Based on the conclusion of the audit, 4 Chapters who met the Section’s 2023 Rebate criteria, were given their $200 rebate and $75 Bonus if they qualified. Two of these chapters WIE ($275) and Computers ($275), Kit is current chair. Some of the issues encountered during the audit have required some procedural changes. All chapters are being informed. eNotice just sent requesting 2024 Budget Proposals siting newly developed guidelines . Issues encountered with the audit include but are not limited to: – Auditor in a different time zone – Some dates listed Day/Month/Year not Month/Day/Year – Receipts not readily at hand – some receipts needed to be requested directly from the vendor – Receipts not in any order or matching an expense item – Some expenses did not have a clear understanding as to “reason” for expense – Some expenses did not have an “approval” authorization allowing for expense The new procedures we are implementing will ensure FULL and TRANSPARENT accountability. Each chapter or entity has been assigned a shared Google drive where all accounting will be housed for easy access by the section leadership. Each chapter or entity will be granted access only to their space. We believe these steps will make us “audit-ready” for the next audit. Any and all funding from the section will require these new procedures to be followed. Each 2023 Budget commitments will be addresses after the Sections’ Congress meeting is over. Any additional requests made to us will be addressed after 2023 commitments are satisfied. To recap: Audit just completed; New Guidelines; 2024 Budget Request; and $200 Rebates sent. We have made great strides in a short time, meeting >weekly throughout these summer months. Thanks, Filomena Citarella IEEE NJ Coast Section Chair 732-868-9130 Landline 732-868-5119 Cell” —– Forwarded Message —– From: IEEE eNotice To: “fcitarella@aol.com” Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2023 at 08:46:05 PM EDT Subject: Copy of IEEE NJ Coast Section 2024 Budget Proposals Agenda: Planning Meeting 2024 – IM/C PACE SIGHT WIE Calendar Funding Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/371115

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