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MOVE Tech Talk – July 2023 – 2023 Atlantic Tropical Outlook

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The 2023 Atlantic Tropical Outlook was recent updated by experts prompting much curiosity regarding what to expect for this year’s hurricane season. Questions that you might have asked yourself may include: o How do expert forecasts differ for the number of tropical systems? o What can historical data and past hurricane seasons teach us for preparing for 2023 activity? o How does El Nino factor into how active hurricanes might be within the Atlantic Ocean? o When should forecasts be updated to include new information like record Sea Surface Temperatures? This month’s presentation will review the tropical weather that has occurred to date within the Atlantic Basin, will describe the phenomenon of El Nino in relation to hurricane activity, and discuss what past observations of storms can/cannot teach us about what to expect as we approach the busiest part of the hurricane season. Co-sponsored by: IEEE-USA MOVE Program Speaker(s): Jason Luze Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/366746

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