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Initiatives in Humanitarian Technologies Robotics and AI: Inclusion and Accessibility

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▸New Initiatives Humanitarian Technologies Robotics & AI: Inclusion and Accessibility, Vitality, Distinguished Speakers, Industry Connections, STEM, YP, WIE, Members, Community, Life Members, Seminars, Resources, DEAI+ -With tie ins: Humanitarian Technology History: The Timeline, The People – Interactive History Map, Milestones, Oral History, Events, Biographies -Elevate the discussion around Robotics, AR/VR, AI, connect from Pre-U STEM, YP, WIE, Members, Life Members, Industry Connections, Universities, Seminars, Events, Tracks, Conferences, Online Portal Open Access Content, Publish, TryEngineering Curriculum Guides, YouTube Playlists, Tutorials -Connect with Societies: R&A, Computer, EMB, PES, Industry, ComSoc, Instrument and Measurements, etc. -Connect with Standards -Micromouse for everyone – with a Humanitarian Technology emphasis: Use Cases for Aging, Wellness, Wheelchair navigation, Haptics, Communication prompts and assistance, Emergency Exits in Smart Buildings, Assistant for Assistant Pet, etc. Agenda: Introductions Updates Planning Brainstorming Initial Actions Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/365330

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