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Childhood Cancer

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On Cancer Day, IEEE WIE ENIS SAG is poised to make a meaningful contribution through a series of impactful activities. One key focus is the organization of AI workshops dedicated to innovative methods for cancer detection. These workshops will not only facilitate knowledge-sharing but also serve as platforms for fostering discussions on cutting-edge technologies and their applications in the crucial field of cancer diagnosis. Beyond the technical realm, IEEE WIE ENIS SAG plans to broaden its impact by arranging a visit to a cancer association. During this visit, members will actively engage with children affected by cancer, providing moments of joy and entertainment. This endeavor not only aims to uplift spirits but also creates an opportunity to showcase AI models designed for cancer detection, thereby raising awareness among young audiences and their families about the continuous advancements in medical technology. In addition to these initiatives, the organization envisions hosting a conference to increase awareness among parents about the critical issue of cancer. ENIS, Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia, 3038, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/391578

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