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To chair the meeting, Laissa started the work by asking each representative of the affinity groups to introduce themselves and report what they are doing and their difficulties in the midst of management, making a summary of the activities of the month for each WIE group. reinforced the importance of registering these events and meetings in the Events Vtools and suggested that another specific meeting be scheduled to register the boards in the Officers Vtools, and the organization of activities through notion and trello. The next point on the agenda was a step by step on how to register an event on Vtools presented by Vanessa Maia, who later removed all doubts and directed all presidents to register their activities on Vtools Events There being nothing further to discuss, the work was closed, and it was up to me, Danyella Santos Silveira, to draw up these minutes, which were read and found to be in compliance, containing my signature representing the Wie IFBA Affinity Group on the Vitoria da Conquista campus . Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/359817

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