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2 Days National level Marathon Coding Competition (Tula’s Hackathon 2023)

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Tula’s Institute is hosting a Marathon coding competition, which is an exciting opportunity for students interested in software development and coding. The competition allows participants to showcase their coding skills and compete with other like-minded individuals. There are seven different tracks to choose from, and participants can register either as an individual or as a team. To participate in the competition, individuals or teams would need to register themselves in any one of the tracks and follow the competition’s rules and guidelines. The Institute is providing participants with a suitable venue that is equipped with all necessary facilities, including high-speed internet, workstations, and refreshments. This will ensure that participants have everything they need to focus on the competition and produce their best work. An expert panel will evaluate the participants’ code and select the winners based on pre-defined criteria. This will provide a fair and objective assessment of the participants’ work and ensure that the most deserving individuals or teams are recognized for their efforts. Overall, the Marathon coding competition hosted by Tula’s Institute is an excellent opportunity for individuals and teams to showcase their coding skills, learn from others, and compete in a friendly and supportive environment. Co-sponsored by: HeadStart, Icutopia, IDFC Bank, EDUGyan Agenda: Total 7 Tracks as listed below: * Track 1 Web/ Mobile App Development * Track 2 FinTech * Track 3 Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence * Track 4 Health Tech * Track 5 Agri-Tech / Food-Tech * Track 6 IoT Application * Track 7 Cyber Security and Blockchain Participation Criteria # The participation is open only to students and IT professionals with 0-3 years of experience. # All UG and PG engineering students of any branch or discipline can participate. # The participants can be from anywhere across India. # There can be a minimum of 1 members and maximum 4 members in a team. # One team can work on any one problem statement only. # To work on more than one problem statement, register again with a different team name. # All submissions should address the expectations given in the respective problem statements. Room No G307, CIRE, Tula’s Institute, DEHRADUN, Uttaranchal, India, 248011

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