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2-D Biosignal Processing for Automation in Disease detection based on Deep Neural Networks

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To treat the diseases or injuries of the joints, bones, muscles, and spine in both adult and pediatric imaging 2-D musculoskeletal radiographs bring a significant depth of expertise. Various machine learning processes have played a significant role in medical image classification and abnormality detection from musculoskeletal radiographs. Other 2-D images are utilized for Tuberculosis and COVID-19 detection. Many Networks, such as Densenet, Resnet, Inception v3, and Capsnet architecture will be explained here for musculoskeletal radiographs abnormality detection and other life-threatening diseases detection. Such computer-based automatic detection of abnormality and diseases is time-saving, and more accurate thus creating a huge impact on the community and humanity. Speaker(s): Celia Shahnaz, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/355949

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