To glorify International Women’s Day 2023, IEEE North South University Student Branch Women In Engineering Affinity Group has successfully hosted an event comprising a series of two workshops, two seminars, and a panel discussion with an alignment of this year’s theme, “Innovation and technology for gender equality.” This event aimed to elevate women’s priorities and promote a stronger, more equal society. The first seminar part of this event was “Navigating the Publication Process: How to Get Your Research Paper Accepted?” conducted by Dr. Shafin Rahman, Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at North South University. The speaker underlined the importance of having a clear research question and a solid conclusion in research articles. The participants grasped the opportunity to provide many benefits in the present and future by attending sessions. Workshop on Graphics Design was the second part of this series conducted by in-house instructor Abdul Kader Rifat, Secretary of the IEEE NSU WIE Affinity Group. The workshop focused on enhancing the skill and bringing the enthusiasts of Graphics Designing, providing an open floor. The instructor explained the tools on Adobe Illustrator and provided poster that illustrated “26th March-Independence Day of Bangladesh” for the participants and demonstrated the tutorial. The third workshop was “Workshop on Basic Python,” conducted by our qualified instructor, Sakib Ahmed, a full-stack developer at OneIT Pty Ltd, Australia. He demonstrated to the participants how to determine whether the system already had the required version of Python and helped the participants understand Python’s fundamental concepts, which embrace them to start a hands-on approach. Another seminar titled “Women in Sustainable Energy (WISE)” was organized in collaboration with IEEE North South University PES SBC and conducted by Rasna Hasan, Head of Strategic Designs & Partnerships, Grameenphone, and Engr. Fazilatun Nessa, Superintending Engineer Design Circle, DPDC. The audiences were then inspired by Engr. Fazilatun Nessa and Rasna Hassan’s address gender equality, opportunity, and aspiring professionals who are becoming prepared to enter field. The mission of the last day of this series was to explore the challenges women generally face in the workplace and the ways to overcome these challenges in the engineering field. Hence a Panel Discussion Session on “Women in Workplace: Embrace Equity” was organized on 20th March 2023. The session was dignified by the presence of IEEE WIE Committee Chair 2023, Dr. Celia Shahnaz, ProVice Chancellor of North South University, Professor M Ismail Hossain, Activity Vice-Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section Dr. Md. Raju Ahmed, and female professionals who have emerged as successful leaders in their respective sectors, and also female students from North South University. The discussion revealed some inimitable facts about the equity factors women experience in the workplace. This series of events ended up impacting women’s equity through a diverse panel of professionals from different sectors. It undoubtedly emphasized the importance of gender equality, innovation, technology in the engineering field, and fostering a stronger and more equitable community.