IEEE WIE members Contributing to COVID-19 Pandemic

Developing tools & technologies to address the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
Aisha Nazia (Lead) Team: Abid Omar, Teesha Thomas & Nikesh Ghosh

It is my pleasure to write about my story developing tools & technologies to address the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. I really hope my fellow WIE community will be able to help me in all possible ways. Read full report


My name is CHRISTINE WERE a fourth-year biomedical engineering student at KENYATTA UNIVERSITY from KENYA. I am a student member of IEEE and also a member of IEEE WIE KENYA SECTION. I am writing to share with you that I am currently  working with a team of fourteen other students from KENYATTA UNIVERSITY to develop a portable ventilator that will help our country address the fight against the COVID -19 pandemic.
We have already developed our first prototype, just working on calibrations now. As I share this story I wish to encourage all the women in engineering to make an impact in their society. All of us should use engineering principles to solve problems in the society, especially in providing medical solutions during this period. Let’s continue enhancing technology for humanity.

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