2018 IEEE Women in Engineering Leadership

2018 Voting Members

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan (Chair)

Takako Hashimoto (Past Chair)
Liang Downey 
Lisa Lazareck-Asunta
Lori Hogan

Najla Chrif  (WIE Student Branch Affinity Group Representative) (July 2017-June 2018); Anusha Jiji (July 2018-June 2019)
Preeti Sowjanya Kovvali (Young Professionals)
Samantha Lubaba Noor (WIE Affinity Group Representative)
Rabab Ward (Technical Activities)

2018 IEEE WIE Liaisons 

Dorothy Stanley- Standards

Rabab Ward- TAB

2018 IEEE WIE Society Liaisons

Kathleen Kramer- Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society

Dan Jiao- Antennas and Propagation Society

Jennifer Blain Christen- Circuits and Systems Society

Ana Garcia Armada- Communications Society

Jill Gostin- Computer Society

Takako Nonaka- Consumer Electronics Society

Linda Bushnell- Control Systems Society

Elaleh (Eli) Bozorgzade- Council on Electronic Design Automation

Sasha Ishmael, Kathleen Amm- Council on Superconductivity

Azam Nekahi- Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society

Irina Kasperovich- Electromagnetic Compatibility Society

Leda Lunardi- Electron Devices Society

Kristina Young-Fisher- Electronics Packaging Society

Lisa Lazareck-Asunta- Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Lori Bruce, Mariko Burgin- Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

Lucia Lo Bello- Industrial Electronics Society

Lucia Pia Torres- Industrial Electronics Society

Meng Lu- Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

Wenquan (Cherry) Che- Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

Andrea Armani- Nanotechnology Council

Cinzia Da Via- Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

Brandy Armstrong- Oceanic Engineering Society

Meredith Hutchinson- Photonics Society

Katherine Kim- Power Electronics Society

Necia Werner- Professional Communication Society

Marsha Abramo- Reliability Society

Sally Wood- Signal Processing Society

Ramalatha Marimuthu- Society on Social Implications of Technology

Ingrid Verbauwhede- Solid-State Circuits Society

Stephanie White- Systems Council

Vanessa Batista Schramm- Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society

Liang Downey- Technology and Engineering Management Society

Carmela Cozzo- Vehicular Technology Society

2018 IEEE WIE Region Coordinators 

Region 1: Denise Griffin

Region 2: Vicky Drury

Region 3: Allison Mercer

Region 4: Liang Downey

Region 6: Kathy Herring Hayashi

Region 7: Manar Jammal

Region 9: Yulia Andrea Rodriguez

Region 10: Jing Dong

IEEE WIE Affinity Group Subcommittee
Develop best practices for Affinity Groups. Support training of officers. Assist with engaging Affinity Groups.
Preeti Kovvali (Chair)

IEEE WIE Awards Subcommittee
Review nominations for awards (AG, SBAG, inspiring member, etc.
Lori Hogan (Chair)

IEEE WIE Magazine Subcommittee
Support development and Magazine content generation.

IEEE WIE Membership Engagement Subcommittee
Investigate surveys and engage WIE membership. and support membership development and benefits. (includes Collabratec and Careers).
Jenifer Castillo (Chair)

IEEE WIE Newsletter Subcommittee
Support development and newsletter content generation. Committee Members

IEEE WIE Outreach Subcommittee
STEM outreach efforts and develop material for outreach (includes STAR, Special Events, etc.).
Simay Akar (Chair)

IEEE WIE Visibility Subcommittee
Collaborate with IEEE Societies to identify and nominate women.
Linda Bushnell (Chair)

IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference (ILC) Subcommittee
Develop annual conference plan; partnership development and retention.
Nita Patel (Conference Chair)

IEEE WIE Summits & TechW Subcommittee
Promote and support WIE Summits and Tech Powered by Women Workshops.
Takako Hashimoto (Chair)

IEEE WIE Website Subcommittee
Support IEEE WIE website, provide suggestions for enhancements, and improve usability of the website.
Tittu Varghese (Webmaster)

IEEE WIE Workshops Subcommittee
Develop WIE workshops and panel discussions at IEEE events (major conferences and meetings of technical societies) to bring visibility and build network among women.
Celia Shahnaz (Chair)