A Message From Jenifer Castillo, Chair of IEEE WIE Committee 2021-
October Newsletter

Jenifer Castillo, Chair of IEEE WIE Committee 2021

Dear Members, 

Elections are over and there are so many things to highlight! I would like to start by congratulating Celia Shahnaz, our newly elected WIE Chair 2023-2024, I wish her all the success in this position! I would like to thank all the members who engaged in the election through their votes, this is fundamental for the success of this procedure. Another important highlight to be given is that many positions in IEEE Leadership, including the two largest societies, have female elected chairs and directors. It is so important to have this gender balance in leadership, and we are on a very good path towards it!

I would like to share with you the Women in the Workplace 2021 report that McKinsey published. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how far we have come but also how much we still need to work on. Per the report, women are now significantly more burned out, and increasingly more so than men, and let me quote this short paragraph that warmed my heart as it shows what we are made of: Despite this added stress and exhaustion, women are rising to the moment as stronger leaders and taking on the extra work that comes with this: compared with men at the same level, women are doing more to support their teams and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.”

Thanks for being a WIE member, and enjoy our newsletter!