IEEE WIE Affinity Group Reports


IEEE Women In Engineering Affinity Group of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering organized a 3 day WIE International Symposium Womansera’21 (Click here)from 3rd September 2021. We educated participants through world-class webinars led by well-known resource personalities, as well as exposed their technical and non-technical talents through a series of activities meticulously planned to provide participants with a unique competitive experience. The event was organized for 25 hours which included seven webinars, six technical and six non-technical events, a panel discussion, inaugural and valedictory ceremony. Around 550 participants from various regions of the globe took part enthusiastically. The technical events were Arduino circuit event, paper presentation, coding event, binary event, technical quiz, and idea pitch. Sell my pen, Connexions, Shipwreck, Poster design, Sudoku, and Treasure hunt were the non-technical events. These activities had a significant impact because they increased awareness of several technologies that benefit women’s interests. For more information, visit:

IEEE WIE NUST PNEC Student Chapter: STEM Outreach

IEEE WIE National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan Navy Engineering College (NUST PNEC) Chapter has once again manifested its dedication towards its focal goal; empowering women and inspiring them to dauntlessly dive into the realms of engineering and other science fields, chiefly encouraging them to break gender stereotypes. For this noble objective, we collaborated with Women Engineers Pakistan (WEP) and conducted a STEM Outreach Program for female students of grades 7th to 10th where we introduced their young minds to STEM and different engineering fields to shine a ray at a wider arena of potential majors. The event was held on MS Teams on the 11th of September 2021, with the strength of the audience being over 160 girls from all around Pakistan, all of whom were conveniently added to a WhatsApp group to address general queries and ensure smooth-running of the program. Read the full report.

IEEE WIE NUST PNEC Student Chapter: STEM Outreach

The affinity group Women in Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (WIE PUCV) is organizing the EMPODERADÍSIMAS congress, which has as its main objectives to raise awareness of different issues regarding gender equality, and how this is reflected in the industry, as well as to promote and inspire women to investigate the different aspects of the STEM area. This event will be held on November 2, 3 and 4 of this year. It is worth mentioning that the Congress will be held completely online through the Airmeet platform and Youtube Live, due to the current contingency given by Covid-19. This way, the safety of all organizers, guests and attendees can be guaranteed. We have the participation of Susana Lau, former president of the R9 region, Marcela Zulantay, Ministry of Energy and Paola Hartung, Manager of Aes Gener Chile. Read the full report.