IEEE WIE Affinity Group Reports

Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central, WIE

The project consisted of conducting a Science and Technology Workshop “Engineers with social commitment” for teenagers between 16 and 18 years old living in a small town called Pauna, Boyacá, located in northeastern Colombia. A Foundation working in the area called “Froilán de Fosses” was our main partner, as they know the population better and helped us with the logistics of the event and the teleconference sessions. The workshop was divided into five sessions: four were conducted remotely by teleconference (webinars) uploaded on the YouTube channel of the student branch and the last one was face-to-face. Each webinar lasted an average of 30 minutes to a maximum of one hour and the face-to-face session lasted 4 hours, with a break. Read full report

Bangalore Section WiE AG Focused Discussion for better synergy between Section and Student branches - Co-located with R10 HTC 2021 with a dedicated WIE track

An opportunity to network and discuss success strategies and involve WIE members was was availed by means of a special session in the backdrop of 2021 R10HTC. The session on Oct 2 2021 Day 2 of the conference, was designed with an inaugural address by the Chair of WIE Bangalore Section AG setting the context – Ms Anandi Giridharan, a talk on UN SDG goals Ms Gayatri – Execom member WEIE Bangalore Section. Ms Divya M G Chair MDC Bangalore section and past Chair WiE Bangalore Section, spoke on how WIE track was proposed to engage authors from WIE community in the special track and moderated a discussion of avenues in membership development – presentation of best practices in WIE Student Branch Affinity groups and WIE professional members alike with Dr Shobha K R , Dr Vijayalakshmi Dr Deepa K, Ms Ashwini V R Ms Ashwini V R, who have all been faculty mentors in their respective AGs as well as Execom members in the section Execom and Ms Supriya Kamthaniya Execom member Bangalore section WiE AG – as panelists. Read the full report.

IEEE WIE Project-Based Learning School Camp 2.0

In order to provide knowledge of the importance of pre-university education in the school students from Grade 8th to 12th, IEEE Women in Engineering Project Based Learning School Camp was held from 20th – 27th November 2021 concentrating on the theme of “Share2Care using Project-Based Learning”.  WIE PBL (Project-Based Learning) School Camp is the outcome of a simple idea formulated from the Project-Based Learning Approach which is not so much considered in the maximum Pre-University/University Curriculum across the globe. This includes the basic foundational pillars of converting a rough idea to a prototype/product along with the process of learning new technologies/concepts which are being implemented in the outcome. Read the full report.

ASTRA 2.0 - Competitive Coding, WiE AG - IEEE RSET SB

The first session of ASTRA 2.0 was on competitive coding conducted by the WiE AG, IEEE RSET SB in collaboration with the CS Chapter, IEEE RSET SB. The resource person for the session was Mr Manu Krishnan, Vice – Chair, CS Chapter, IEEE RSET SB. He is also the ambassador of IEEE Xtreme 15.0. The session focused on how to start taking steps towards competitive coding and measures to become better while competing. Apart from that, a briefing into how normal coding is different from competitive coding, it’s benefits and how to prepare for coding interviews were given to the participants. The session was conducted on Google Meet. The session was followed by a coding competition on the HackerRank platform and was open to the participants of the session. The competition aimed at providing an opportunity to understand better and experience competitive coding. There were 43 submissions for the competition. A total of 93 students from across Kerala attended the learning session.


Athira Sankar, Chair, WiE AG, IEEE RSET SB
Alina Thomas Thanangadan, Vice – Chair, WiE AG, IEEE RSET SB
Priyanka Roy, Secretary, WiE AG, IEEE RSET SB