Webinar - The Social Relevance of Technology - How Technology Shapes Society and How Society Shapes it

Did you know that IEEE has a pre-university program that deals with the social relevance of technology? The IEEE REACH Program (http://reach.ieee.org), managed by the IEEE History Center provides pre-university teachers with free open education resources (OER) that place engineering and technology in their societal and historical perspectives. With a focus on the social relevance of technology students understand how technology shapes society and how society shapes it. Research has shown, when students understand the social relevance of science and technology, they are more likely to pursue STEM, especially female students!

IEEE WIE Chair, Celia Shahnaz with Dr. Rabab K. Ward

Dr. Rabab K. Ward shared the goals of the Educational and Technical Activities Board as being the leaders in science and technology education and to be able to make a difference in the life long learning of girls in STEM, especially Engineering.

Webinar - Voices Captured, Voices Lost: Using Oral History to Document Women in IEEE and STEM

#Women’s contributions to #engineering#science, and #technology are manifold. Despite their undeniable impact, the remarkable individuals behind many of these transformational innovations remain hidden from mainstream history.

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth#IEEEHistoryCenter Institutional Historian and Archivist Dr. Mary Ann Hellrigel joined IEEE Women in Engineering Chair Celia Shahnaz for a #webinar at 10am ET on 29 Mar 2023. They discussed the voices of prominent #engineers, scientists, and technologists – such as NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Katherine Johnson of “Hidden Figures”, “Queen of Carbon” Mildred Dresselhaus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Martha Sloan, the first woman to lead IEEE – which have been captured and preserved as part of the oral history collections posted on the Engineering and Technology History wiki at: http://bit.ly/402FrpF

Q & A With IEEE WIE Chair, Celia Shahnaz

Celia Shahnaz shared her take on diversity and inclusion, women empowerment, and what #EmbracingEquity means to her.
We asked her the following questions:
What her plans on broadening the scope of  support for women in the industry were?
How did she plan on embracing and encouraging diversity and inclusion?
How would she want to encourage and empower women to take up more leadership positions?
What is one advice she could give to young professionals who are IEEE WIE members?
What does #EmbracingEquity mean to her?
Listen to the podcast and get inspired!


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