Keeley Crockett


Keeley Crockett is a Reader in Computational Intelligence in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. She leads the Computational Intelligence Lab that has established a strong international presence in its research into Conversational Agents, sematic similarity measures and machine learning techniques and Adaptive Psychological Profiling. She is currently a member of the IEEE Task Force on Ethical and Social Implications of Computational Intelligence and has a strong focus on ethically aligned design in the context of intelligent systems development.  She is also the current Chair for IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Webinars. She is the Principal Investigator (MMU) on the H2020 funded project iBorderCtrl – Intelligent Smart Border Control and a Co-Investigator on the H2020 project PACE (Populism and civic engagement). She is a STEM Ambassador for primary schools, a Mum to Kona and a wife to Craig!