IEEE Women in Engineering

Engineer Your Career Success


Do these feelings at work get in the way of your experience of your career? - “I am an over-achiever who never rests to enjoy the successes because I feel like I constantly need to prove myself.” - “Nothing I ever do is good enough, no matter how much effort and time (even family time) …

VDL Dr. Turgut Communication, computation, and privacy trade-off in machine learning for smart environments


Smart assistive environments adapt to the needs and preferences of disabled or elderly users who need help with the activities of daily living. However, the needs and requests of users vary greatly, both due to personal preferences and type of disability. As handcrafting an environment is prohibitively expensive, in recent years significant research was done …

Emotional Intelligence From a Professional Perspective


The IEEE Young Professionals and Women in Engineering Miami section affinity groups in collaboration with IEEE Photonics Society and IEEE Sensors Council Miami section Joint Chapter and IEEE Paraguay section Young Professionals affinity group are organizing an event titled “Emotional Intelligence From a Professional Perspective” on November 16th at 2 PM (EST). We are delighted …

Generalizing from Training Data


Prerequisites: You do not need to have attended the earlier talks. If you know zero math and zero machine learning, then this talk is for you. Jeff will do his best to explain fairly hard mathematics to you. If you know a bunch of math and/or a bunch machine learning, then these talks are for …

IEEE Oregon Section WIE Book Club Meeting

Meet Online, Oregon, United States

Women in Engineering read 6 books a year. Each title is given a two-month period in which to complete the manuscript. The WIE members meet online monthly to discuss and enjoy each other's perspectives. This book club event will be in collaboration with the Women Who Code Book Club. Co-sponsored by: Heidi DeGarmo Agenda: Please …

IBM Women Lov’IT


Candy, experta en Cloud compartira su trayectoria por el fasinante mundo de la tecnología. Virtual:

SNJ WIE – Nov. Monthly mtg


SNJ IEEE-WIE Monthly meeting Agenda: Virtual at 5:00pm -Agenda to be provided at a later date Virtual:



- ¿Cómo las fintech impulsarán a Latinoamérica? - Convirtiendo un proyecto universitario en una empresa global Virtual:

2021 IEEE South Saskatchewan Section Virtual AGM

Bldg: Virtual: Zoom, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Virtual:

This virtual meeting will provide a technical talk on "Wireless Communications Evolution: From 0G to 5G and Beyond 5G" by Dr. Vijay K. Bhargava of University of British Columbia. Section Officers elected for the 2022-23 term will also be announced. Speaker(s): Dr. Vijay K. Bhargava , Agenda: 6:00-7:00 Presentation 7:00-8:00 AGM Bldg: Virtual: Zoom, Regina, …

Panel Mujeres en la Industria-ILS


Tenemos el gusto de invitarlas a participar del Panel "Mujeres en la Industria", a realizarse en el marco del ILS Colombia. Contaremos con la participación de cuatro mujeres que se han destacado por su extraordinario desempeño en intrustias de tecnología, telecomunicaciones, innovación y nos compartiran su experiencia y aprendizajes. Virtual:

LaTeX Workshop: How to Create Tables and Embed Figures to Draft a Journal Paper

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Virtual:

( and ( are pleased to organize a LaTeX Workshop on How to Create Tables and Embed Figures to Draft a Journal Paper on Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT. This workshop is suitable for intermediate and advanced LaTeX users. Workshop Outline: In this 2-hour long workshop you will learn …

IEEE CIC x GMU Indie Game Jam: Enemy & Enemy AI


This series of 5 beginner friendly workshops will teach students how to create their own indie game in Unity. We will teach the building blocks and best practices to create a shooter including creating the player, creating enemies, collectibles, effects, and more! All who attend all five sessions will get a certificate from IEEE WIE …