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Visualization Techniques to Demonstrate the Cause of Climate Changes – Students’ Research in ML and DL at Durham College

May 13, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

We might always be confused about climate and weather, and what is the difference between each other? Weather refers to the day-to-day temperature and atmospheric conditions, whereas climate is the average weather in a specific region over a long period. The simplest way to describe climate is to analyze the average temperature and precipitation over time. Climate change relates to the shift in the average conditions such as average temperature and rainfall in a region over a period. Global climate change describes the average long-term changes over the entire Earth. Global warming, Rise in sea level, and Shrinking Mountain glaciers are a few of the adverse effects of climatic changes. Greenhouse gases are the prominent factors for the rising temperature, which is the main factor contributing to global warming. Among the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is the main factor that traps the heat in the atmosphere, which makes an increase in the overall temperature that can affect lives on Earth. Earth’s temperature has risen by 0.14° F (0.08° C) per decade since 1880, and the rate of warming over the past 40 years is more than twice that: 0.32° F (0.18° C) per decade since 1981. We will try to find the possible reasons for climatic changes and the factors that contributed to the current situation. Moreover, we will consider greenhouse gas emissions and their harmful effects on climatic changes, different countries’ contributions to this global problem, and measures taken by officials to reduce its impact. Speaker(s): Neenu Markose, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Virtual: