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Professional Development Skills for Career Success

July 1 @ 2:30 pm - 3:55 pm

Talk 1: How to present like a pro? Abstract: When we think of science, we think of doing research, running experiments, but that’s only half the job. The other half is communicating, telling people our results, telling people what we’ve done and until scientist have done both jobs, the research and then the communication, we haven’t really done our job as scientists. This is true whether you are a researcher in a lab who spends all day recording cell counts, or a professor revealing her latest breakthrough on a morning talk show. If you don’t communicate the science, you might as well never have done it. It is critical for scientists to inform the public about important issues, complex problems and new discoveries. This information can influence how the public votes at the next election. Talk 2: Developing and nurturing collaborations toward multi-, inter- and trans- disciplinary projects: A review of stakeholder engagement and collaboration frameworks Abstract: With the present emphasis in academia on addressing societal challenges, there is an increasing need for academics to look beyond their disciplinary knowledge to develop collaborative arrangements, both within an academic setting and externally, to better plan for and manage academic experiences and respective career trajectories. This is particularly true of those in STEM disciplines, who are required to consider the broader, social implications of their work, from diverse disciplinary perspectives. This talk discusses the way in which sustained collaborations oriented toward multi-, inter-, and trans- disciplinarity may support career development. Aspects around acquiring and nurturing such collaborations are presented from a research perspective, and the links with teaching and governance/service are provided. The presentation also discusses relevant (academic) collaboration frameworks, and the value of integrating diverse stakeholders, from academia, industry, government, and professional societies. Speaker(s): Prof. Katina Michael & Dr. Roba Abbas, Dr. Noushin Nasiri Mercure Sydney – 818/820 George St, Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia