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75 Years of Transistor and Its Impact on Humanity

March 22, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The Electron Devices Society (EDS), Northern Virginia/Washington Jt. Chapter jointly with Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) Northern Virginia/Baltimore/Washington Jt. Chapter are pleased to host an EDS Distinguished Lecture presented by Dr. MK Radhakrishnan, VP of EDS (2016-2019) and the founder of NanoRel. Please register to receive the WebEx link the day before the event. A birth, though looks accidental soon after the end of second world war was not hailed too much during those days. However, the child grew slowly but steadily with many siblings during the next decades and the associated growth has captured all walks of human activities. The influence is such that even the breathing of present society is so controlled by the stimulus of this birth. A worldwide appraisal during the end of the last century gave the top rank to this baby. It may be noted that the siblings could be born years apart only and that also after marathon efforts. Looking further back, it has precedence with the parents receiving acclaims in certain cases, whereas neglects in some other. In fact, the first semiconductor device development deriving to a patent was 120 years back. We are discussing the births of these fundamental devices which impacted the human life at various stages. Interestingly, the technology progression which happened during these years has immensely helped in developing many useful tools and techniques for the benefit of mankind especially in human life style, health care, entertainment, etc. All these are indebted to the evolution of semiconductor device technology, which is the theme of this talk. Early stages of semiconductor device evolution depicting the key aspects will be discussed in the first part. Further, the progression of technology and its transformation from micro to nano-electronic devices will be discussed in brief. Currently, we stand at another juncture, where the fruits of developments in the last century science and the depth of knowledge mankind acquired through research in material science and various mathematical tools merge to emerge in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum technology, etc as new sets of advancements intechnological evolution. All these provide a broad picture of the vast field emerged due to device technologydevelopment, where the importance still lies in understanding the fundamentals of device physics, materials and interfaces. A very brief overview of these progressions will be presented in this talk along with the evolution to present day applications like Youtube, Whatsapp, etc. The benefits to humanity are immense from all these but seems to challenge fundamentals of the human thought process and behavioral pattern. A major pattern change is already happening. Reflections from various corners are alarming and a short discussion about such observations is also the part of this talk. Speaker(s): Dr. M.K. Radhakrishnan, Virtual, Virginia, United States, Virtual: