IEEE WIE Affinity Group Special Funding

The IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) encourages development of local activities that adds professional value to IEEE Women in Engineering members to increase the visibility of women in the profession. For this purpose, IEEE WIEC invites IEEE WIE Affinity Group Officers/Society Officers to submit Special Funding requests to bid for special funds.

Scope of proposals

Funding request conditions

  • Funding requests must be submitted at least three months prior to the activity.
  • Funding requests must be submitted by the Affinity Group Chair.
  • The limit of each funding request is up to US$400. Please itemize the expenses in US dollars only (please do not use local currency in the proposal).
  • Funding is available for partnering IEEE Societies and IEEE WIE Affinity Groups to hold activities in line with the mission and vision of IEEE WIE.
    • Meal costs may be submitted as a special funding request if the activity meets the mission and vision of Women in Engineering.
    • Individual travel expenses (of any kind) will not be approved.
  • Priority will be provided to IEEE WIE Affinity Groups/Societies that have not received funding support. Awards will be determined based on annual budget.
  • The WIEC will review and approve/reject the funding requests at their next scheduled WIEC meeting.
  • IEEE WIE Affinity Group/Society should submit a report of the activity that received the IEEE WIE Special Fund within one month after the completion of the activity. If a report is not received, future requests for one year will not be reviewed and/or awarded.
  • IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Groups must submit their reports using the IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group Reporting form.
  • The activity report may be published in IEEE WIE publications and/or social media platforms. Report should include images (jpeg, and not embedded in the report) and a one-page write-up (Word format) on the activity.

No new special funding applications are accepted at this time. The special funding request process will reopen in July 2019.

Travel Grant

IEEE WIE Travel Grant program provides grants for IEEE WIE members to attend and present at IEEE sponsored conferences or IEEE WIE sponsored events.

Please note: No new travel grant applications are accepted at this time. The travel grant application process will reopen in July 2019.

Application Guidelines

  • Applicants must be IEEE WIE members for at least 1 year and must hold IEEE WIE membership in the current year of application.
  • IEEE WIE Travel Grant Program provides funds for applicants traveling to attend and present at an IEEE sponsored conference or IEEE WIE sponsored events.
  • Applications must be submitted at least three months prior to the conference or event. The IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) will review applications and make decisions at their next scheduled WIEC meeting. It takes at most two months.
  • An applicant can receive only one grant per year.
  • If applicants are granted a travel grant this year, they are not eligible to apply again next year. One year interval is needed.
  • Only one author per paper for the conference will be awarded a travel grant.
  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed after submission of the detailed expense report
  • Student applicants will be required to provide university affiliation documenta
  • Those who receive travel grants will be expected to submit a one page report from the conference or event experience along with interesting photo(s) within 30 days after the conference or event.* Reports may be selected for publication in the IEEE WIE Newsletter.
  • Travel Grant Limitation up to US$750.
  • The following conference/event are not eligible for the travel grant.
    • IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference
    • IEEE Regional Annual General Meeting
  • If you have any questions please contact

Women in Leadership Online Community

IEEE Collabratectm  is an online platform that allows women engineers, scientists, and educators from around the world to network, connect and collaborate with individuals from various technical backgrounds.

With IEEE Collabratectm you can…

  • Participate in discussions
  • Post links to interesting content
  • Watch videos
  • Take part in polls
  • Learn about upcoming events
  • Upload your resume for career opportunities
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • And more…

Important Requirements: IEEE Activities with Children

IEEE is committed to providing an enriching experience and safe environment for all children who participate in IEEE programs and activities, throughout the myriad of educational programs, STEM projects and related opportunities.  If you currently participate in IEEE programs that involve working with children, or plan to do so, you must first visit the IEEE Activities with Children page to complete requirements.