Meet Salam Hajjar Ph.D EEE WIE Member

Profession: Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering, West Virginia University – Institute of Technology

How did you first get involved in IEEE Women in Engineering?
I heard about IEEE WiE in 2019 when I first joined Marshall University as a faculty in Computer Engineering.

Why did you decide to become a WIE member?
In Marshall University I was the only female faculty in the division of Engineering and I noticed a very few amount of female students as well. This made me think of the need for gathering efforts to encourage more female students and faculty to join Marshall. I was and still am hoping to see one day as many female students and faculty in the labs and classrooms as there are males today. Engineering is for ALL.


What do you wish other people knew about IEEE WIE?
First, that WIE exists. Second, WIE is there to support females to build a successful career life. Scholarships, networking, conferences and above all the feeling of “I am not alone in this” is a great emotional support.

What is it like to be an IEEE WIE Volunteer, and what do you enjoy about it? 
Being a part of WIE, I feel that I am in a healthy and encouraging environment. I am surrounded by positive people who have lots of energy to create a bright future for WIE. I enjoy the provided training, the discussions during the meetings, and above all the networking. WIE is such a great group to be a part of

Why do you feel it is important for women to enter into the field of engineering?
Very simply because the barrier, which is scaring females of going to the engineering field, is not real. Engineering is not more complicated than other fields. It is just as enjoyable as any other field that you may love. It is all about Loving what you do. Engineering is a practice for the intellect. It will make you work out your “brain muscles” and you will feel you are healthy.