How did you first get involved with IEEE WIE?

I was motivated by the former Chair’s vision of IEEE WIE – Jenifer Castillo & equal understanding of IEEE WIE after getting involved in numerous activities such as IEEE WIE ILC, and IEEE Returning Mothers Conference and then initiating my activities under the STAR Banner for pushing STEM Awareness.

Why did you decide to become an IEEE Member?

To break the perceptions of our own IEEE Members and others around me in society that men can also support the vision and mission of their connected women for building & supporting their life phases & professional development.

What do you wish other people knew about IEEE WIE?

I wish other people would know that IEEE WIE does exist as the strongest Affinity Group like any other IEEE Society/OU. Everyone should stand strong with the vision and mission of it to support women around them in every aspect of their lives.

What is it like to be an IEEE WIE volunteer?

A Proud Feeling that Yes, I am here to break perceptions of people that not only women can get involved in IEEE WIE, but any gender has equal opportunity to give back to society to motivate girls/women to come forward and learn about STEM in more deeper sense with awareness to world’s happening.

Why do you think women should enter STEM fields?

As per a recent survey from Gartner Inc, only 26% of IT employees represent women which is a big social concern because planet mustn’t misbalance the opportunities on gender. Keeping facts & figures aside, from my personal view, any woman/girl is “Nari-Shakti” which means she can create, manage, destroy the humanity altogether by her own and this is the power of a woman. Learning about STEM fields is another aspect of having women to lead the world with peace, care & value from a low-level officer to high-executive officer of any Enterprise. Having said that, I am very much glad that being IEEE WIE Member > I get ample of opportunities to execute National to Global scaled activities without barriers for empowering & guiding girls from PreU Level to STEM Domains.