IEEE WIE: Project-Based Learning School Camp Case Study

What is the program and how did it begin?

The title of the program is IEEE WIE Project-Based Learning School Camp. This camp is mainly initiated to encourage pre-university students to have hands-on experience with emerging technologies. For this 1st Edition, we focused on providing hands-on training sessions with diverse competition on “Website Development without Coding”. We created this program as a motivational tool for pre-university students to give them some insight into the professional world.

How often does the program run and in which countries?

This Program can be conducted once or twice a year (dividing mainly among Summer and Winter Camps). This is a new initiative conducted collaboratively by Ramneek Kalra (IEEE Impact Creator) with the support of IEEE WIE Gujarat, Madras, Bombay, and Uttar Pradesh Affinity Groups, India (R10). This can be followed by all the countries to bring or create more awareness among the pre-university students on the Project-Based Learning Approach.

What impact has your program made?

The goal for this camp is to elevate the practical implication of cutting-edge technologies and how it relates to Pre-University Curriculum. The impact of this program is on pre-university students to enrich the Project-Based Learning Approach around the Globe. We believe that the success of this event is defined by bringing active participation from the students. We as organizers have to make sure about arranging the apt sessions through which the interests of students remain intact.

How can/did the program get emulated in other countries?

One of the main factors through which the program got emulated to other countries was by collaboration with the IEEE TryEngineering Initiative and Junior Einstein Track (IEEE YESIST12-2021). Their support provided us with many resources to reach out to professors/pre-universities in different countries. Also, we were fortunate to have an amazing team who pro-actively reached out to their personal connections to share the word ahead.

How can volunteers participate further, and even lead the same kind of event?

IEEE WIE PBL School Camp Team is open to welcoming wonderful volunteers to the team, so that they can connect with experts and volunteers in the WIE Affinity Groups, globally. This can be achieved by staying connected with us through below mentioned contact details or through Camp’s Social Media Handles. Any volunteer in IEEE if interested can lead the same kind of event, if they hold the zeal and motivation to spread out knowledge through means of PVN Model of IEEE i.e., Participation, Volunteering and Networking (A Model proposed through personal experience of our Program Chair).

Are there any 'How To' documents that would help volunteers/members run
similar events? Any photos?

“How To” FAQs that would help volunteers/members run similar events:

  • Where I can get information about IEEE WIE PBL School Camp?
    • Please explore at: or at IEEE
      TryEngineering Portal:
    • How to increase the visibility of event among Pre-University Students?
    • You can follow below tips to increase the outreach of this event among Pre-University Students:
    • Collaborate with Pre-University Programs under IEEE or Non-IEEE Banner including: IEEE TryEngineering, IEEE WIE
  • Affinity Groups which are focused on STAR Programs, Country-Specific Governmental or Non-Governmental initiatives (for say in India, Atal Tinkering Labs)
    • Share the Call for Registrations among your Region’s Heads of Pre-Universities.
  • How I can form committees for Pre/Production/Post Event for executing and implementing the event?
    • You can form committees like Designing, Social Media, Content & Communication, Publicity, Website, Advisory, and any more if required.

Links to program website(s)

Website Link:
IEEE TryEngineering STEM Event Link:

Contact details for further Information:

Program Chair: Ramneek Kalra
Email ID: