A Message From Jenifer Castillo, Chair of the IEEE WIE Committee 2021- 2022

Jenifer Castillo, Chair of IEEE WIE Committee 2021-2022

Dear Members, 

This is my last message as WIE Committee Chair, and all I can do is thank you all again, and again, and again for being a part of this community. Even more, thank you to the WIE Committee members for their time, efforts, passion and commitment to our vision, to our goals, to our community.

This opportunity has been unique, and I encourage you to pursue volunteering opportunities any time possible, because you begin the path thinking you are offering a lot, but at the end, what you receive is priceless. 

Some time ago, I asked the WIE Committee members why they were part of IEEE WIE and why they volunteered their time and talents for our cause. Besides the pride we all share for being part of this Affinity Group, there was one sentence that I think defined why we are all here: “I want to make a change, and I know I cannot make it on my own.”

With this, I am glad to share with you the changes are happening. We are closing this year with a new scholarship, a new award, best practices for the Technical Activities, diversity and inclusion initiatives, better visibility for our outreach programs, reviewed professional fees, a new Strategic Plan, and so many more amazing outcomes I will be glad to share during our upcoming Virtual Awards Ceremony on 15 December .

I welcome now our new 2023 WIE Chair, Celia Shahnaz, wishing her the best for the upcoming years, as it will be reflected in the benefit of our members.  Her experience and commitment will keep driving this program through the best path.  All the best, Celia!

Thank you all for driving the change with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jenifer Castillo R.

IEEE Women in Engineering Committee Chair 2021-2022
IEEE Region 9 Director Elect 2022-2023